Top Roofing Trends for 2020

What is the most important construction component of your home? Is it the walls? Foundation? Maybe you consider plumbing and electrical as a key element to ensure your residence is built to withstand the test of time. Honestly, there isn’t a correct answer that couldn’t be argued against but there is one very critical piece of your property which you haven’t even given thought to at this point – the roof. Protecting you and your loved ones from all types of weather, in addition to helping with heating and cooling costs, a roof should be given its due credit whenever considering the importance of different aspects within a home.

Not only is it something every building has but the variety of differences based on what is being housed underneath is impressive. Even the amount of home roof designs reaches into the double-digits and this doesn’t even take into account outer layers available for business properties and other buildings. While the importance and design purposes of a roof may not have changed over time, the construction components and other factors have definitely increased in versatility and performance as advances in technology provide new ways to look at an old project. Some of the more popular trends are detailed below.

Color – Lighter Colors Becoming More Popular

One modern change which is having a positive impact on homes across the country is the installation of lighter colors. Originally, most every roof installed was using shingles of a dark color due to their material. While these were and have proven to be extremely useful, the darker colors absorb heat from the sun and can increase the temperature of a home, especially if there is insufficient insulation or a floor directly below its surface – in lieu of an attack space. Opposite, lighter colors tend to reflect heat and can even lower the indoor temperatures a few degrees for those homes which have them installed. The economic impacts are not the only changes being witnessed as lighter colors have also led to design modifications for many homes.

Replacement/Repair – Age Checks Are Important

This year may also bring about the need for a replacement or repair to your current roof. Perhaps you purchased a home with an existing roof and no knowledge of when it was last replaced or it may be part of the original construction. An expert inspection can help any homeowner decide which plan of action may be appropriate for them, while also pointing out any improvements or modifications that may help to extend the life of a roof. Replacing a few areas is going to be a less expensive option initially, but without a professional inspection, there isn’t a true way of knowing if you are saving money. A few replacements could be like putting on a band-aid where a new roof is needed.

Style – Flat is Gaining Momentum

Flat roofing systems are gaining momentum as modern home design styles change. This doesn’t mean to insinuate that block style buildings are all that’s available, but many new construction projects feature at least some portion of a roof that is flat. Whether it be a connecting room between two areas, porch overhang, or covering one portion of the home which may not have a second level, flat roof use is becoming more commonplace.

Material – Metal Is An Option

As the changes in design styles and angles have modified over time, another important element to consider is the construction material. Asphalt shingles have seemingly always been a tried and true choice but there are some other options which homeowners, especially new ones, are giving their consideration. Originally used for out buildings and other non-inhabited structures, the strides made with metal roofing have led to it being a viable option for use on top of a residence. One of the major benefits from a metal roof is the longevity a homeowner can achieve when choosing this type of installation. Depending on where exactly your home is located and what type of weather it may be subject to on a yearly basis, these particular roofs may be able to perform for up to two times that of a roof constructed with another material. However, as with anything there are pros and cons of metal roofs which homeowners must weigh before moving forward.

Environment – Roofs Are Cool

Environmentally friendly factors have been gaining popularity for some individuals in different aspects of life for quite some time – now roofing is involved. A cool roof can be developed in multiple ways and these aspects tend to help reduce the amount of energy it takes to then heat or cool what lies beneath. Doing so not only makes an immediate impact on the particular structure, but if neighborhoods and even cities are able to institute such measures, the benefits on local power grids may begin to add up.

Solar Panels – Questions Abound

Solar panels arent for everyone but depending on where you live, these may be a worthwhile investment as an addition to your roofing system. However, there are multiple questions worth asking, to both a roofing contractor and solar expert prior to moving forward with any installation. The addition of solar panels will involve penetrating the roof structure and weight are immediate considerations for anyone who is thinking about moving to a solar form of energy for their home. While it can be environmentally friendly, expert opinions and advice should be gathered prior to moving forward with any such project.

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