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We offer a insurance claim assistance for our customers in the Denver metro and surrounding areas.

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Avoid Added Stress when Disaster Strikes

At Arvada Roofing and Construction, your trusted Colorado roofing company, we know that submitting roofing damage claims with your insurance company can be a confusing and time-consuming process. 

To avoid added stress after you experience problems with your roof, gutters, or siding, Arvada Roofing & Construction will assist you in all aspects of the insurance claim process.

The list below outlines some helpful hints to remember before filing a roofing claim.

Helpful Hints & Tips When Filing a Roofing Insurance Claim

  1. Arvada Roofing & Construction will meet with the insurance adjuster when they come out to assess your property for roof damage. This is important so that a complete and thorough inspection can be done and all damages can be documented.. Adjusters are usually very good at their job, but they vary in levels of experience as well as in knowledge of all aspects of construction. Arvada Roofing & Construction will inform and provide a physical copy of the code requirements to the adjuster. Building codes vary from city to city; the adjuster may not be familiar with the area.
  2. The insurance company sets all of the prices paid for your roofing repairs. The contractor usually has little say and does not negotiate roofing repair prices. We are here to help with code requirements for repairs, measurements, and an accurate and thorough assessment of the damage. It is much easier to have an accurate scope of work agreed upon while the adjuster is at your home than to go back and discuss it with your insurance company at a later date.
  3. If additional unseen damage is found or other issues arise during repairs, Arvada Roofing & Construction is available to deal with the documentation and paperwork the insurance company requires to complete the roofing claim.
  4. Most insurance providers will put the mortgage company on the check issued for the repairs. Arvada Roofing & Construction will provide the documentation required by the mortgage company to release funds.
  5. Arvada Roofing & Construction will help you understand your insurance company’s estimate, which can be very complicated. We are familiar with all aspects of insurance claims: deductibles, depreciation, taxes, base service charges, reimbursement of permits, etc.
  6. We supply and submit all documentation of completed roofing repairs to insurance and mortgage companies required for final payments.
  7. We can do all aspects of needed repairs, including but but not limited to roofing, gutters, painting, siding, windows, garage doors, stucco, and fencing.
  8. Remember: the insurance company will only pay for work to be done that they owe for, nothing more. The final price for repairs is pre-determined by the insurance company. The insurance company does not warranty the contractor”s work. Many fly-by-night companies take the price the insurance pays for work and hire inexperienced, uninsured crews from out of state to do as many jobs as they can then disappear.
  9. The most important thing for the homeowner is to pick the right contractor. It is more beneficial to wait for your contractor to do a job you will be happy with than to choose someone for a quick fix. Make sure to choose a contractor that is established and will offer support if an issue does arise. Rest assured you will receive that peace of mind when you hire Arvada Roofing & Construction for your roofing, siding, or gutter repair needs.    

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Most carriers give 6-12 months or they do not have to pay for all or any of the damages depending on your policy so do not wait too long to file a claim.

We work directly with all major carriers to ensure a seamless process from start to finish.

Yes we are a licensed General Contractor we can help you with all your hail repair needs including but not limited too; roofing, gutters, siding, painting, chase covers, skylights, solar panels, stucco, windows, doors, and garage doors. We are a one stop shop for all your hail damage repairs.

Most carriers give 1 year from the date of the hail storm. Not the date the claim was filled so make sure not to wait too long to schedule repairs.

Yes we prefer to be onsite so we can agree on the scope of repairs and make sure all hail/wind related damages are documented by all parties

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