Roof Care Tips to Keep It Safe During Summers

As weather and temperatures begin to warm up while the seasons transition from spring into summer, the rate of change can often be dramatic. After experiencing a cold, snowy, winter exactly how Mother Nature and weather patterns may have an impact on your home is definitely something that should be given proper consideration. Nearly everyone is familiar with the term spring cleaning which many homeowners associate with either sprucing up their interior or switching out wardrobes from winter to summer clothes – but people rarely consider giving the same attention to detail for their propertys exterior – especially the roof. However, taking the time to ensure that your roof is ready for the upcoming temperature changes while continuing its ability to protect your home is important, making certain that one of the most exposed surface areas of your residence continues to protect your well being.

There are many reasons a healthy roof is important, among them is maintaining and perhaps even increasing property value. Other than performing the obvious service of protection as a barrier from the elements and aiding in heating, cooling costs, a well maintained roof enhances your home. In addition, proper upkeep can protect your investment and keep your roof working properly, without damage, well into the future. In an effort to help prepare your roof for the upcoming summer months, consider each of the following recommendations.

Any seasonal change presents a good opportunity for homeowners to consider having their roof professionally inspected. While obvious damage may be visible from the ground level, a proper inspection involves taking a look while on the surface and ensuring that no shingle damage has taken place in addition to other key factors.

While self checks are important, especially following storms, high winds, or other weather which could impact a roofs integrity, having a professional take a look is recommended at least every three years. 

Attic Check
One area where your roof may begin to reveal signs of damage is on the interior. If you have an attic or upper level, then taking a look at these areas could also be extremely beneficial. Signs of water damage may indicate a potential breach in the roof structure even though a hole or crack isn’t noticeable from the exterior. If damage is spotted, then immediate action can help to eliminate an escalating situation which could potentially be way worse than it needs to be if addressed accordingly.

Repair Work
If any of the above inspections reveal damage, then taking care of repair work can help save your roof from extreme damage. Instead of potentially having to replace the entire thing, a professional may be able to complete a patch or perform some other remedy in order to extend the life of your roof. Prior to summer is also a good time for repair work to ensure that any fixes are properly executed before having to endure another harsh winter.

Removing any excess debris from the roof needs to also be considered prior to the summer months. Not only can this eventually be washed down into the gutters, causing more issues, but trapping moisture underneath or creating shaded areas may result in mold or mildew beginning to build up on the shingle surface.

Extreme caution should be executed if performing this task yourself, either from a ladder or on the roof level, but if not comfortable, electing to use a professional service is also an option. 

Trim Trees
Any tree limbs or branches which may be growing close to or already in contact with your roof should be considered for removal. The spring and summer months will only see these areas increase in size and performing a removal prior to any new issues being raised is a quality move. Not only do overhanging branches have the potential to fall onto a roof surface causing damage but even brushing against shingles with the wind could cause harm.

Storm Prep
All of these summer care tips can also be considered proper roof preparation for potential storms. In addition, cleaning out gutters and ensuring that no downspouts are stopped up which could prevent water flow are all steps which will benefit both your roof and entire home. Water backup and especially leaks can all cause major damage so any recommendations from a professional inspection should be considered prior to a potential problem area escalating into a disaster situation.

Sun/UV Damage
Shingle damage without any other potential cause could be the result of sun damage. Obviously the major surface area of a property which is exposed daily to ultraviolet light from the sun, inspections can help to determine if your roof is at risk for damage. Over time the effectiveness of any product will wear and shingles or other roofing materials are no different. Any brittleness, warping, or crumbling of shingles should be given an in-depth review to help maintain a healthy roof throughout the summer months.

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