how to Deal with Roof Penetration Issues

The intricate details of roof construction should obviously be left to the professionals, but understanding just how important a roof is to your home is fairly common knowledge. However, not everyone considers the importance of proper roof maintenance and ensuring that a replacement is considered prior to an issue being discovered. As the outer layer of protection for your family and belongings against weather elements and the outdoors, making certain that your roof is sealed tight with the proper ventilation is critical to its life expectancy. Obviously not every installed roof is going to last for the same amount of time as each and every home is in a different geographic location, but the average timeframe should range anywhere between 20 and 30 years based on type, materials used, and the amount of weather exposure.

During construction, one of the most important aspects are various items which may present a need for some type of breach within the structure. Depending on the style and design of your home, these can range from a chimney to valleys created where the structure changes shape. The installation of roofing materials around these areas is extremely important as any faulty work could cause some degree of damage at a later date. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who may choose to cut corners around these areas although a problem may not arise for quite some time. At that point, tying the new issue back to faulty installation would be difficult but there are processes if you suspect a brand new roof has been installed incorrectly. A majority of roofs will contain at least one of these components which make a breach in the integrity necessary but many have multiple areas where there could be some type of problem without proper installation. Therefore, completing your research on hiring a professional company with a quality reputation and one that will back up their work is even more important. Not to mention that this a long-term investment which provides a safe space for your family, friends, pets, and all your belongings.


If you have an older home, chances are there is a chimney which either runs up the side or directly through the home. Even those which may have been constructed on the side, typically have a porch, carport, or some type of covering continuing to that portion of the property. In this instance, the roof needs to be constructed around where the chimney penetrates its surface. Even if the fireplace inside is no longer being used, the chimney can be closed, but the structure still remains and if the roof is being replaced then there should be components necessary to ensure that no leaks occur around the base. Flashing and other materials are used here to create a water-tite seal.


Although saddled with a reputation for skylight leaks, the truth is these can be a welcome addition to any home. Providing natural light, if installed correctly, the benefits a few skylights can have on a residence are many. Opposite the interior, putting new roofing materials around these openings can be tricky, requiring professional work in order to ensure there are no potential leaks in the future.

Exhaust Flue/Vents

Bathroom exhaust flues and vents help to keep air circulating within the home but in order to do so must escape vertically through the roof. These usually circular or rectangular openings also cause holes to be cut through the roofing material. In order to create a tight seal and protect the home, collars are installed and covered to protect from any potential rain or water damage.


The valley of a roof is where two different angles come together as part of the architectural components and style. When these two places meet, a valley is formed creating a natural space for waterflow during rain, storms, and when ice or snow melts. There are both closed and open valley styles. Which one is appropriate for your residence depends on a variety of factors and a decision should be made in conjunction with a professional installation service.

Swamp Cooler

Swamp Cooler penetrations require the same type of attention to detail in order to provide a seamless seal with no potential water seepage areas. These devices can be installed on roofs with proper support and must be tight in order to keep air flow moving within the home while not allowing any outside moisture from getting inside.

Satellite Dish

The debate about installing a satellite dish on a roof or the side of a home appears to be ongoing. In many instances, while the roof makes a good location in order to receive the best signal, putting screws into the structure immediately creates a penetration problem. In the event that you are having a roof replaced, then removing the satellite dish may be necessary until the project is completed. In some circumstances, there should be communication between both the roofing company and satellite provider to account for the best procedures and service moving forward.

Solar Panels

Like each of these penetrating components, solar panels can also create opportunities for potential leaks. However, once installed, these panels may potentially increase the lifespan of a roof since they will be providing some type of shelter for the exterior layer. If you are considering adding solar panels, then it may be a good idea to have your roof replaced prior to installation of these panels. Doing so provides a new foundation and with the added protection may extend the life of your new roof well into the future.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, quality service has been our priority while serving Denver and the surrounding area for many years. Able to handle any and all roofing needs, including siding or gutter installation, the outside protective layers of your residence are our specialty. Arvada Roofing and Construction has been completing roof installations, replacements, vinyl siding, gutter installations, evaluations, and multiple other exterior household projects or associated services for nearly two decades. Their highly trained experts and staff can provide an estimate on any repair, remodel, or new construction project, if needed, as well as any inspection you wish to have completed. Should you find yourself in a situation where you are concerned about the effectiveness of your gutters, roof, or potentially already have an issue, we are right here to help. Our certified and extremely knowledgeable staff is available to handle any construction or roofing job and provide a variety of other services, including seamless guttering systems, or any potential analysis thought to be caused by severe weather for the purposes of insurance reporting. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate on any of the above mentioned projects!

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