Insurance Claim Tips for Roof Damage

No one ever wants to have to pick up the phone and make a call to file an insurance claim but when you do its nice to know that you have a trusted and reliable person to help. However, just because you may have a good working relationship with your insurance agent, doesn’t mean there still arent a few steps you can take in order to help make the process more efficient. When it comes to damage, especially to a roof, getting your home back in working order quickly to prevent further damage is a necessary action which needs to be made in a time sensitive fashion. Doing so not only ensures that your home is properly repaired but it also helps to make your claim process more effective.

Homeowners insurance covers roof replacement in most scenarios but there may be varying degrees of coverage based on the cause of damage and age of your existing structure. Both factors could play a role in the claim process as there are a variety of different issues which may cause individuals to file a claim. From storms to potential damage from tree limbs or anything else which may create a hole or damage shingles, the ability to handle the process needs to be addressed. Having a roofing professional on hand during an adjusters visit could also benefit homeowners. This not only aids in locating and identifying any damages which may not be easily viewable by the untrained eye but also allows for a more accurate account on the price of repair.

In the event that your home has suffered some type of damage and you feel a claim may be made, consider each of the following actions in order to make the entire process as quick and efficiently as possible. 

After potentially being the subject to a claimful event, the first thing a homeowner should do is review their existing policy. Doing so will make you aware if the event qualifies and potentially what the coverage issues are that will be associated with your claim. If you find that any damage occurring is potentially borderline then it is always best to get your agent involved as it is their responsibility to act accordingly, but knowing where you stand when the process begins is always a benefit. In fact, it may help to illuminate certain areas of the claim should the agent have any questions.


Assessing the damage is always a critical step as it is this process which the insurance company should cover provided the claim meets all of the necessary factors and is the result of a qualifying event under your current policy. As mentioned, having a roofing professional present in order to assess the damage is also a positive step in order to potentially identify any underlying issues. Based on the cause of any damage, it is also useful to relate the two issues and connect any visible damage to what was the culprit for it occurring. For example, if a storm produced large hailstones which have caused shingle damage and potentially impacted the integrity of your roof, then getting documentation (in the next recommendation) is also important. However, any assessment should only be made once conditions are safe to proceed.


Documenting the damage and cause (if available) will help when insurance adjusters need to gather their evidence in order to process the claim. Once a time consuming process which may or may not be reliable – depending on the film results – taking quick photos is much easier now that essentially everyone has the capability via their cell phone. In addition to getting quick and reliable photos of any potential damage, homeowners can also provide their agents with the documentation in a more timely manner.

Getting an estimate for the repair work is necessary for a variety of different reasons. Not only does this help to address the extent of any damages, but it also allows the insurance company to know how much it will need in order to cover your policy. Working together with a professional service during this step can help to make the entire process faster, easier, and more reliable.


Undoubtedly, any damage that occurs to your roof needs a quick fix in order to prevent further damage. However, attempting to remedy the situation prior to filing the claim and having an adjuster view the property could potentially put a snag in the process. If found that some of the damages may be self inflicted, then the entire event could come under question and issues may arise with the coverage provided based on your existing policy.

Expert Assistance

For these and other reasons, having a knowledgeable and experienced roofing professional to work alongside your insurance agent and any adjusters can benefit everyone involved while helping to streamline the process. Knowing that you have two qualified individuals from their respective fields working on your behalf can also help to eliminate any additional stress associated with the claim process.


An open line of communication during the entirety of this process can also help to make things run more smoothly. Keeping in touch with your agent and providing all of the required documentation to either the roofing professional or insurance company in a timely manner can help keep everyone on the same page from the initial claim filing until everything is settled with all involved parties. 

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