Vinyl Siding Installation Ideas

Whether you are looking to enhance the exterior of your existing property, in the market to purchase something new to you, or beginning construction on a home of your own – exterior siding materials are likely to have a major impact on the decision making process. Not only do these surfaces create the majority of a building™s outward appearance, but they also serve as the first line of defense against all weather conditions. Protecting your home from the freezing temperatures of winter to the scorching hot days in the summer, whatever exterior construction material is utilized – it needs to be extremely versatile. Fortunately, there is one such option for homeowners that is not only versatile but durable, cost effective, and able to be used throughout the country in home construction.

Vinyl siding recently topped the cladding list and its popularity continues to grow. Improvements in manufacturing and technology have allowed an abundance of changes in siding construction and development. Today, there are a number of different ways homeowners can choose from to make it a part of their home™s exterior. With plenty of color options also available, there will be a siding out there regardless of your desired design style preferences. In fact, there are a number of different vinyl siding installation ideas for property owners to choose from for their home, office, or any other building.

Vertical Options

Vinyl siding has long been known for its horizontal layout. Spanning the length of an entire home in sections where it was installed, the familiar option has recently undergone a popular change. Today, many individuals are electing to install vinyl siding in a vertical pattern. Be it for a dormer, second-level, or any other portion of the home – utilizing a vertical installation pattern can dramatically change the outward appearance of a property. In addition, these smaller areas of installation may also be coupled with the more traditional layout to create a variety of different and unique looks. No matter your building design, there will be a vertical option available for either upgrading an existing siding material or electing to put the newer up and down designs into practice.

Bold Accents

Vinyl siding can also be used to create bold accents around the exterior of a home. Depending on the construction style of your residence, being able to incorporate the use of vinyl siding as accent pieces offers individuals plenty of favorable options. From mixing and matching colors to creating a sight line or separate focal point entirely, the opportunities are seemingly endless. For many, being able to set their home apart in an era of cookie-cutter construction and neighborhood layouts, these vinyl siding accents will accomplish this mission. If utilizing the traditional method of installations doesn’t™ appeal to your accent wishes, the abundance of color options available to make their own statement remains an option. Even if you don’t™ want to utilize the feature as a separate section along the exterior, selecting a bold vinyl siding color for the accent remains an option.


Another way to make use of vinyl siding on the exterior of your property is with textured pieces. One of the many improvements to this material in recent years, now homeowners can give their property a real sense of style thanks, in part, to the texture availability. Depending on the pattern of installation, textured pieces can create an entirely new look for the exterior of your home. Regardless of if you are updating an existing piece or installing something brand new, the opportunity to add texture to your vinyl siding will leave your home looking great.
Full Color Walls

The ability to enjoy full colored walls also exists when vinyl siding is selected as the construction material to be installed. Opposite of the bold accent availability, there are some homeowners who prefer a more uniform look and approach to their property’s™ exterior. If you happen to fall into this category, then vinyl siding is also for you. Instead of mixing and matching, individuals can select a common color and utilize installation literally from the ground up. Not only will this create a nice look, but it also continues to give homeowners the ability to control their design preferences no matter the size of their home.

Mixed Materials

Vinyl siding may also be used in combination with other exterior construction materials to create even more unique looks and features. When matching vinyl siding with brick, stone, stucco, or any other option, each of the remaining unique characteristics still apply but these mixed materials have the ability to create even more styles and design options for homeowners. For example, you may have a brick home with upper level dormer windows, overhangs, or a split-level design style. Many types of these constructions elect to utilize both either a brick or block base and vinyl siding for the upper portions of the home. Whether you choose to go with horizontal or vertical installations, the looks achieved through mixed materials can be especially rewarding.

Wrap-Around (full coverage)

Some houses only feature special construction materials on the front in order to create the look of a specific design style. However, with vinyl siding individuals can enjoy these special features around all sides of the property. Each installation option and feature is available throughout the home and at an affordable price, homeowners will be able to specifically design what they are looking for without fear of breaking the bank.

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