How to Know It’s Time for a New Roof

When buying or selling a home, one of the first things to consider is the roof structure and durability of the current materials. Often not given a second thought once the home is inhabited, unless an issue arises, knowing that your property and family are well protected can provide peace of mind. For this reason, when individuals view a residence they often want to know a few key characteristics about the roof overhead. In turn, if you are selling the property and understand there are reasons to go ahead and replace the roof, this action could generate increased value for your home.

The roof is a very important part of your house, not only does it protect the interior from all outside elements but it also can aid in the insulation capabilities of a home and influence the heating and cooling efficiency of a property. While this surface area doesn’t necessarily require daily care, there are some tips to take care of your roof available to homeowners. Following these simple aspects and administering a professional inspection periodically can not only help to avoid any major damage but also allows homeowners to get a head start on any potential needs associated with their roof.

During these inspections, should any of the following detractions be noticed – it may be time to consider applying a new roof to your home.

Shingle Damage
First and foremost, any exterior inspection should be conducted from the rooftop and not just at ground level. For this reason safety is an important feature and often professional assistance is needed. Do not put yourself at risk in an unnecessary manner to examine the roof of your property.

Shingle damage is one of the tell-tell signs that a roof is showing its age or in need of repair. Not only will this material begin to lose more granules as time passes, but any cracking or folding of the corners is also an indication the effectiveness of their integrity has been compromised. If you notice any missing or damaged shingles – from ground level or otherwise, then consider a professional inspection immediately.

Flashing Damage
While flashing around vent pipes and chimneys may tear or break away over time, this can also be a sign that the roof itself needs to be replaced. Often these materials are installed at the same point in time and therefore have been exposed to similar elements over the years. Once they show signs of age, then a replacement could be necessary.

While changing out only the flashing may periodically extend the life of your roof, only a professional should determine if this measure is worth completing if the entire surface will need fixing in a few years. If there is any issue, go ahead and fix the entire problem instead of simply putting a band-aid on one of the most important aspects of your home.

Interior Concerns
Another sign of potential issues with your roof may not even be noticeable from the outside. For this reason, a thorough inspection of the homes upper levels or attic is necessary. Any daylight shining through could be a potential breach from the outside and may cause water to enter the home. In addition, these small openings could impact the efficiency of your homes heating and cooling system. If problems are noticed inside, an outside fix may be the best solution.

Moss Growth
Similarly, unexpected moss growth on the outside of a roof indicates moisture is being trapped underneath by some method. Without proper ventilation, this can become an issue for homes regardless of their location. Typically only a concern in cool, damp climates, if your home has shaded areas then ensuring the roof is properly ventilated can help to avoid these types of issues. While the moss itself may not cause harm, it can be an indication of deeper issues and knowing how to remove moss from your roof, providing it will not return is a step in the right direction.

Angle Change
Any shifting of the roof or signs of sagging should be immediately addressed. This may be the result of rot and potential capability of a collapse. In addition, if the roof begins to sink then access may be limited and a professional should be contacted at once. Regular inspections, even visual from the ground level on a weekly basis, can help to notice any such shift in the pitch or integrity of the roof itself.

Age is another concern for homeowners. While exposure to the elements and a homes location will all impact the durability of a roof, over time all of these components will eventually break down and need to be replaced. Typically, you can expect a new roof to last 30-years and this is one reason that potential buyers want to know the age of a roof on a property. A big investment but one that not only serves to protect your home and loved ones but also requires little to no maintenance once installed. While exposure to different elements can alter this life expectancy, routine examinations can also help to avoid future issues or concerns.

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