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Common Summer Roofing Problems in Denver

When you think of summer, roof problems aren’t the first thing that come to mind. However, with the sun’s high UV rays and afternoon rain storms, it can cause some damage to your Arvada roof. Did you know that heavy rain can loosen roof shingles? Rain buildup in gutters can also lead to deterioration of shingles. With the high temperatures, it’s actually possible to have roof adhesives melt and require repair. Unfortunately, this summer has also seen a fair amount of hail throughout the Denver area. Hail can do significant damage to your roof and can strip shingles of granules. It’s important to get your Denver roofing materials inspected after these severe changes in weather occur.
It’s best to check in with Arvada Roofing and Construction to make sure that your roof is withstanding this hot and rainy summer. If your find your roof has encountered numerous problems and needs to be replaced, the end of summer or early fall is the best time to do this. When the days have cooled down, there won’t be as much rain, which helps keep your roof stay dry during the installation process.
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