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Hail Damage to Your Denver Roof

The Denver Metro area experienced a crazy storm late afternoon yesterday where many roads became flooded, cars were stuck and homes were pelted by large wind-driven hail. This is not the first hail storm we’ve experienced in Denver lately, and there is a good chance that your roof has experienced some form of hail damage during the course of these storms.

Hail damage to your roof is not just an aesthetic issue, but can cause real problems to the integrity of your roof and therefore the structure underneath – your home! Hail damage can quickly cause mold and mildew problems, which damage interior walls and can cause major structural problems.

One of the tell-tale signs that you may have roof damage is if you see other roofs in your neighborhood being repaired. If you think your roof may have experienced hail damage after this most recent round of storms, please contact us today for an inspection and consultation.

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