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Maintaining Your Home: Soffit and Fascia

Part of Denver roofing maintenance involves becoming familiar with the different aspects and parts that comprise your home’s exterior. While not the largest component, the soffit and fascia of your home comprise an area that if damaged, can create much bigger issues in home repair in Denver.

The soffit covers the area under the eaves of your roof and the fascia is the trim on the outer edge of that area. When more extreme weather hits, the water and moisture can infiltrate your home if the soffit and fascia are not sealed properly. These require regular inspections and maintenance just like the other areas of your home’s exterior.
Your Denver roofing company can give you an accurate idea of the state of your fascia and soffit and advise necessary repairs. To make sure you don’t have water pooling as the snow melts, contact your roofing company in Denver to schedule an inspection.

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