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How to Prevent Roof Damage During a Cold Snap

While snow is fluffy, looks festive, and next to a warm fire, couldn’t feel cozier, it actually holds a lot of weight when piled atop something especially your roof. Ignoring it is not an option, more so if the weather stays in the low temperatures with cloud cover, the snow will sit and turn to ice on top of your roof. Here are a few things you can do to help maintain your roofs integrity and prevent damage this winter:

  • Snow Removal: Roof rakes are a wonderful tool to take some of the excess snow buildup off your roof when it is still powder. Safety is important, however, do not use a ladder when removing snow from your roof go with a longer or extendable rake.
  • Keep Ice from Forming: Not only can ice buildup cause damage to your roofing in Arvada, it also affects your gutters. If the gutters are not open to allow melting snow and ice through, the water can pool on your roof and begin to leak through.
  • Clean Gutters: No matter the season, cleaning out your gutters is a major aid in maintaining your roof, shingles, and gutters in Arvada. Remove any excess debris possible before a major snow hits and as soon as you are able to afterward.

Make sure to contact your roofing company in Arvada for expert advice in maintaining your roof during the snow season. 

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