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4 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

As the weather has started to change, home repairs in Denver are now at the forefront of most of our minds. The sun has begun to shine down on our dirty gutters and un-swept porches it is time to begin the spring cleaning and inspections! Your Denver roofers have a few tips for you to add to your list this year while preparing for the warmer weather. 

  • Before any April showers hit, check your siding and window frames for damage. Especially if your home has wood on the exterior, make your way around the outside walls with a tool to check for loose boards. Repairing that now will save you in the future!
  • Some areas still might have some snow on the ground, but once your yard has melted, make sure you don’t find fallen shingles or pieces of them. Move your eyes upward after scanning your yard and make sure you don’t see any bald spots. If you do, make sure to contact your roofing company in Denver to come check it out.
  • As the snow continues to melt, pay attention to the spouts of your gutters. If you see flowing water and a clear, unobstructed path up above great job maintain your tidy gutters during the cold weather. Chances are however, that most people bypassed that chore this winter and need a roofer in Denver to clean and refit their gutters. 
  • How old is your roofing material? With the sunshine on its way, you don’t want old shingles and dried sealants cracking and further harming the internal structure of your home. Have a roofer come and inspect the area and give you an estimate of the state of your roof.

For more tips and additional information about roof damage in Denver, contact Arvada Roofing and Construction and prepare your home for Spring!

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