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Hail in Arvada

This last week we have had monsoon rains mixed with hail and strong winds. The hail got large in parts of Arvada and mixed with the harsh winds there are a lot of roofs that could have been damaged! The hail and wind not only damages roofs it also tears up window screens, chips paint off houses, and even puts dents in trim metal and gutters. If you have any concern your home may have been hit give us a call and we will come out right away to make sure your roof and the exterior of your house is still in good shape. If there is any damage we will make sure to take record of everything that was damaged, and represent you when your insurance company comes out. We are insurance claim specialist and want to make sure you and your home are pretected. If you have any questions give the owner Glen Sumner a call at 303-432-2753

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