Get Your Home Exterior Ready for Fall With These Tips From Arvada Roofers

Fall is finally here and while it may be the season of falling leaves and hot apple cider, it’s also the perfect time to get your home’s exterior ready for the colder weather. However, if you’re like most homeowners, those fall preparations can quickly start to feel overwhelming. There’s the landscaping to worry about, appointments to schedule with your Arvada roof repair contractors, and the weather to watch. With the right checklist in place, getting your home ready for colder weather can be a breeze. Here’s what you need to do.

Clean Your Gutters

You know that your gutters funnel excess water away from your house and to a designated drainage area. When they’re in good condition, those gutters will work perfectly, keeping your house and your roof safe from water damage. However, all those falling leaves and debris can quickly clog your system, increasing the risk of ice dams and leaks once the snows start to fall. Stay on top of your roof work by cleaning your gutters before the first snowfall. During the cleaning, inspect the gutters for any cracks or holes and let your contractor repair them before snow starts to fall.

Blow Out Your Sprinklers

Once the weather turns, freezing temperatures can quickly become the norm. Unfortunately for your sprinkler system, this can be a major hazard. Keep your home’s irrigation system safe during the winter by scheduling a sprinkler system blowout this fall. The blowout sends pressurized air through the waterlines in the yard. The water and moisture inside the system is then forced out through the sprinkler heads, leaving the lines free and clear of water. By removing the excess water, you’ll reduce the risk of ruptured and leaking pipes in both your yard and your house.

Mulch Your Landscaping

Mulch is often thought of as a decorative touch for your home’s landscaping, but it’s actually beneficial for the soil and the plants. As mulch breaks down in the elements, the nutrients inside the wood chips are deposited in the soil. Over time, these nutrients help the plants grow more efficiently. Furthermore, the mulch helps protect your garden beds from erosion either due to rainfall or snow, making sure your yard is ready for the next growing season. Spread a fresh layer of mulch before the first snowfall and your plants will thank you.

Address Siding Repairs

Siding and roofing often go hand-in-hand. When the roof leaks or the gutters fail to direct excess water, your home’s siding is often affected. If water gets trapped between the siding and the house, it can lead to leaks and the easiest way to prevent those leaks is to stay up-to-date on maintenance. Walk around your house and inspect the siding for any warping or damage. If anything looks out of place, contact a contractor as soon as possible. Remember, siding is more than just an exterior decoration it protects the walls of your home against the elements.

Fix Missing Shingles

When snow falls, it can take a while for it to melt. When it sits on a roof that’s missing shingles or has several damaged areas, that moisture can quickly seep into the roofing underlayment and may even reach your attic. Check the ground around your home for roofing nails and shingles. Then, from the ground, inspect your roof for signs of damage. If some of the shingles look darker than others or you notice several areas with missing shingles, call your roofer. The sooner the damaged areas are repaired, the better off your roof will be when the snow starts to fall. Don’t try to repair the damage yourself as you could void your roof warranty.

Inspect, Repair, and Replace Flashing

Flashing covers the seams on your roof around vents, the chimney, skylights, and any other protrusion. When in good condition, water won’t be able to get into the seams. However, if the flashing is damaged, it can be a major source of troublesome roof leaks and water damage. This fall, schedule a flashing inspection with your roofing contractor and let them repair or replace any damaged areas immediately. The last thing you want is for snow to collect and melt into the roof seams.

Clean Your Chimney

Chimney fires are a major hazard and can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you with significant damage even if the blaze is extinguished in a matter of minutes. The only way to reduce your risk of a chimney fire is to schedule routine chimney cleanings at least twice a year. Fall is the perfect time, even with our unseasonably warm weather this year. Though you probably haven’t used the fireplace much this season, there could still be a lot of buildup and debris inside. This buildup can catch easily and the sooner it’s cleaned, the safer your chimney will be.

Schedule a Tree Trimming Appointment

Low hanging branches can do more than damage your landscaping. They can damage your roof and possibly injure those you love most. Snowfall is heavy and when it starts to collect on branches, damaged limbs may crack and break. If the limb falls on your roof, it damage your roof significantly, resulting in costly repairs and time-consuming insurance claims. For small trees around the property, you’ll likely be able to handle this on your own. However, for branches that hang over the roof or in areas where you park your car, schedule an appointment with a professional. They’ll safely remove the branch without doing further damage to your property or your landscaping.

Winter preparations don’t have to be daunting, especially when it comes to getting your roof ready for the first heavy snowfall. Schedule a routine inspection with Arvada Roofing & Construction and let our dedicated contractors handle the repairs before the weather takes a turn. We’ll make sure your roof is up to handling snow, wind, rain, and hail so you can feel safe inside. Need to schedule a full roof replacement before the first snowfall? Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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