Arvada Roofing Installation Services

How to Properly Install New Roofing

At Arvada Roofing and Construction in Colorado, formerly Arvada Seamless Gutter & Siding Inc., we adhere to a structured Arvada roofing installation process. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction when installing your new Arvada roof, as outlined in the steps below.

1. Remove all Roofing to the Decking

We do not overlay roofing on top of an existing roof, even when the building permits, for the following reasons:

  • Multiple roof layers will cause the factory warranty on your shingles to be voided
  • Shingles are very heavy; multiple layers of roofing creates thousands of additional pounds of weight on the structure. When combined with a heavy snow load, it can cause a collapse.
  • Shingles absorb and retain heat. Having more than one layer of roofing will cause your house to be much hotter in the summer. Even at night when temperatures drop, shingles retain heat absorbed during the day.
  • Heat may also blister the shingle, which will void your factory warranty.
  • Inspection of the roof decking (the wood covering the roof). If any of the decking is damaged (broken, rotted, etc.) it cannot be seen and will not be repaired.
  • Underlayment (felt or ice and water shield needs to be replaced).
Arvada roofing installation2. Install New Underlayment

The minimum thickness for felt underlayment is 15 pounds, which is what most building departments require. At Arvada Roofing & Construction, we always use a 30 pound felt on our Arvada roofs. The thicker underlayment typically costs twice as much as the 15 pound felt, but the performance is well worth it.

There is no extra charge for thicker underlayment; we feel it is necessary for long-lasting roof performance. (Insurance companies only pay for 15 pound felt if that is what is currently on your structure, unless it is required to be upgraded by building code. Even if your insurance company only pays for 15 pound felt, we will install 30 pound at no cost to you.) If your Arvada roof is subsequently damaged, the insurance company will be required to pay for 30 pound replacement felt.

 3. Ice & Water Shield installation on the Eaves

Many building departments do not require ice and water shield installation. At Arvada Roofing & Construction, we always install I&W shield on the eaves of all Arvada shingled roofs. (Again, if you are dealing with an insurance claim and your house does not have I&W shield on it now and it is not required by code, the insurance company will not pay for it.) We install I&W shield at no additional cost to our customers. Subsequent I&W shield repairs will be covered by insurance.

4. Install 2" x 2" Drip Edge on the Eaves and Rakes

We always install a drip edge, regardless of building requirements.

5. Caulk Lines to Keep Your Arvada Shingle Lines Straight

This is not required by code but is for aesthetics (no additional charge.)

6. Valley Liner

A 90-pound valley liner is installed on valleys. Some applications require a metal valley liner.

7. Skylights, Chimneys, Swamp Cooler Penetrations and Valleys

Special attention and skill needs to be given to these features. Once they are covered, building inspectors are limited as to how much they can see. Leaks that result from improper installation may be immediately detected or they may take some time to notice. Fly-by-night contractors and roofing crews know that by the time you discover a leak, they will be long gone.

8. Storm Collar and Rain Cap

Furnace flue exhaust pipes have a slope jack that is sealed, followed by a storm collar installed and sealed and finally a rain cap to prevent precipitation from getting into the pipe. If installed incorrectly, carbon monoxide from the furnace may back up into your house.

9. Paint all Roof Vents, Jacks and Pipes to Match the Roof

For aesthetic purposes only.

10. Gather all Necessary Permits and Schedule Inspections

As licensed professionals, this is our job. Remember, the building department does not warranty anything and much of the roof work covered by shingles is not visible during a Arvada roofing inspection. PICK YOUR Arvada CONTRACTOR CAREFULLY. 

arvada roofing installation11. Shingle Requirements

There must be a minimum of 6 nails per shingle with the proper nail pattern to meet code requirements and for the manufacturer warranty. Once the shingles seal down, there is no way for a building inspector to check the nail pattern, so this must be done during your Arvada roof installation.

12. Clean Up and Ground Maintenance

Arvada Roofing & Construction uses tarps on the ground around the house to protect shrubs and aid in clean up. We use a powerful magnet to collect stray nails and debris from beyond the tarps.

13. Check the Roof for Proper Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation will cause:

  • The house to be hotter in the summer
  • Dry rot of the roof decking
  • Moisture buildup in the attic
  • Shingle failure due to excessive heat buildup

Ventilation problems can be solved with additional attic vents or soffit vents installed.

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