Essential Role of Gutters in Protecting Your Home

One of the most important features of a home that often gets overlooked is the gutter system, responsible for the transportation of rainwater and snow melt away from a homes base and foundation. While always a critical component of any new construction process, modern enhancements and advances in the technology associated with fabricating and installing gutters have led them to be much more efficient, in addition to blending into the homes style. An aesthetically pleasing collaboration can lead to increased profits should a homeowner ever need to sell, but the other positives derived from upgrades to a downspout that are immediately available to the occupants are seemingly endless.

The benefits of installing rain gutters helps not only protect the home from water intrusion but in other important areas as well. Where gutters serve to collect water as it runs from the roof of a structure, they are ever so slightly angled to then transfer water to the downspout. It is here where the water falls down and out, away from the home and without causing any damage. Depending on the size and design of a property, the number of downspouts available will vary considerably. The roof structure, type, and pitch will also contribute to where and how many downspouts need to be constructed on any given building. Typically, these are located on the corners of a home, but may also be implemented at other areas if needed.

These passageways need to remain free and clear of any debris in order to function properly. For this reason, it is often recommended that gutters be cleaned every three to four months. The seamless system eliminates the connections where dirt, debris, leaves, twigs, and any other materials may become lodged – affecting the flow of water and potentially causing major issues. Advances in construction now allow for these gutters and downspouts to take on any color a homeowner can imagine. By matching or contrasting the other colors of a property, downspouts can be blended into the home but there are also a number of other options in order to enhance your gutter system and especially the downspouts.

Frame It
One way to enhance a homes downspouts is to frame the footing with eye catching landscaping. Depending on which side of the home a downspout is located, property owners can choose to have different types of plants put in place to either shield the base openings of a downspout or cover them entirely, should they flow directly into the ground.

By matching the existing landscaping around a property, the downspout areas can be modified to camouflage their locations entirely.

Save It
An economically friendly option would be to use rain barrels in order to collect rainwater as it falls and then repurpose it for other uses. The multiple uses for rainwater address both activities inside and outside the home. Depending on the location of your home, collecting rainwater can be a critical characteristic but for many the issuance serves to reduce other bills while also being good for the environment.

Also, depending on the proximity of a homes downspouts to landscaping areas in need of water or gardens, the impact can be capitalized upon. Rainwater barrels can be designed and colored to fit within the style of a home and are often not too noticeable from the average viewer.

Decorate It
For high end improvements, downspouts can be decorated or even replaced with specialty designs or personable characteristics. Anything from a featured color or painted on design to spice up a regular downspout to a dragon’s head, boot, or any other characterization can be used to modify the look of a downspout gutter system.

Deriving from early construction practices where attention to detail was paramount, these modifications are often viewed as high end and unnecessary for those who are operating on a budget. Regardless, this enhancement is definitely a way to highlight the downspouts of a property while creating a classic feel.

Pool It
Similar to the rainwater collection barrels, some homeowners may have a pond or small pool incorporated into their already existent landscape. If this is the case, then having the rainwater flow from the gutter system, down into the spout, and then serving to refill the area is another option.

Depending on the size of your pond and whether or not you choose to incorporate fish or other wildlife into the ecosystem, a small outdoor pond pump may be a necessity. Helping to ensure the water keeps moving, even when not pouring from the downspout – has additional benefits that can enhance a home.

Run It
Creating a path or solid surface for the water to travel down away from the property can also serve to promote a landscape. This can be a small trough or other above ground area that is easily detectable on the surface but constructed in such a way that it fits in with the other existing areas.

Potentially not an option for each and every downspout located on a structure, the creation of a runway for certain locations may be the best possible solution for homeowners.

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