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3 Signs You Should Call a Roofer in Denver

It isn’t always easy to inspect your roof for damage, but here at Arvada Roofing & Construction we know a few signs to look for that mean it’s time to call the experts. Especially with the factors of weather in the Denver/Arvada area, it is important to make sure your home maintains its structural integrity. Here are a few things that point to needed repairs of your Denver roof:

  • Water stains on ceilings or under roof decking: if you see signs of water seeping through your roof, it could cause much more damage in the future.
  • Loose shingles or missing shingles: with the snow piling up, open spaces on your roof create opportunities for damage.
  • Age: an important factor in keeping your home protected is knowing when your roofing was installed. Most homes will require some roof maintenance, but within 20 years roof replacement is usually necessary.  

Make sure to look out for these signs of wear and call our Denver roof repair experts for all your roof and shingle repairs.

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