What are the Signs You Need a Siding Replacement

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for homeowners across America and recent improvements to its manufacturing has led to an extended durability and a consistently more reliable product. Siding which used to change colors after repeated exposure to direct sunlight, was also limited in initial color selection, and couldn’t withstand the outside elements for any length of time has been replaced with new and improved materials. However, nothing lasts forever and depending on the age and a few other factors, there could be a reason for making a change to your current vinyl siding. New siding can also be used to replace other construction materials relatively easily, installed for eaves, overhangs, or a new addition to your home.

As with anything, vinyl siding pros and cons exist with the latter usually a result of some outside force other than Father Time. The improvements to siding have helped to create a durable and lasting product which has become commonplace on homes throughout the country. Even brick houses often feature some vinyl parts in their construction and these areas need to be well maintained in order to uphold the integrity of this exterior layer designed to help protect and secure any construction. 

Unfortunately, there may be situations which do arise that warrant making a change. In the event that your home suffers one of these scenarios then some type of repair or replacement could be necessary. Even with the recent upgrades to vinyl siding and extended durability, periodic homeowner or professional inspections should be made in order to ensure that everything remains as installed and is functioning properly.

Depending on the severity of any damage sustained to the vinyl siding, a replacement or repair may be warranted. While extremely durable there are both manmade and natural events which may cause some form of damage to the siding. Grill damage to vinyl siding is an unfortunate event caused by homeowners when proper safety measures are either not followed or ignored. The heat from cooking on a grill too close to the home could cause the siding to melt, change color, buckle, or burn completely. 

All weather events also have the potential to cause some type of property damage, regardless of construction material, but vinyl siding is subject to hail and wind damage in particular. Every day weather typically is no issue for your vinyl siding but severe weather with large hailstones and high winds may cause damage. After any such weather event, a complete check of your property should be conducted.

Buckling, warping, or any type of movement from a properly installed vinyl siding indicates some type of issue. While the exact cause of such an occurrence needs to be investigated, the issue should be remedied prior to simply installing some new siding or completing a repair if there should be something wrong underneath the exterior layer.

Cracking can also occur which may result in the siding shifting position from where it was originally installed. This too could be the result of some underlying issue or damage and should be inspected to ensure any future potential problems will not occur and that the primary cause for concern has been remedied.

At times, some homeowners may simply want a change in color from their current siding. Similar to repainting a house, people can transform the exterior look of their residence by simply switching out their existing siding with a brand new color. In the event that something else has caused a need for some of the siding to be replaced in one area, then often a property owner will take advantage and switch up their entire outside color scheme.

Not only does this present a new sense of curb appeal but it can also drastically increase your property value. For those who may be putting their home on the market, it is worth considering the cost of new vinyl siding against the current market value of their home. In most circumstances, the new sale price will more than make up any difference in putting a new exterior on your property.

While insects themselves may not cause physical damage to vinyl siding, one of the many benefits over other siding materials, they could still penetrate the outside layer and potentially cause issues underneath. Termites may get into the wood behind exterior siding and then be shielded from the outside by this outer layer, which is one reason that periodic inspections are necessary. Should any warped, buckled, or cracked pieces be discovered then a further examination is necessary to determine the likely cause.

Mold and Mildew
Both mold and mildew can cause unsightly stains and create a bad environment for your siding and perhaps the home itself. Caused by ever present moisture, keeping your siding free of these two hazards is a necessary practice. In most cases, their presence will be a non-issue but should either begin to appear, then a mold cleanup process will be warranted. In addition, depending on the severity and underlying cause of an issue, replacement or repair to your siding may be necessary.

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