Arvada Roofing Company: Dangers to Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most trusted and durable options for home construction ever invented. Even brick houses typically incorporate the use of vinyl as some part of the overall project, but many new homeowners are electing to stick with vinyl in order to get the most out of their money. Advances in technology have really aided the vinyl siding market, allowing individuals to not only receive a quality product, but also utilize a variety of different color options and combinations without worrying about having to reapply anything – as is the case with paint. In addition, the improvements made over the past few years not only assure vinyl siding products are built to last but also maintain their appeal from installation until some change is made.

Exterior home ideas range from different siding types to the direction of installation. Originally perceived as only a horizontal alignment, many property owners are now electing to install some siding pieces vertically. Creating a unique look with similar materials, even the ability to mix and match both methods is becoming more commonplace. However, despite the many positives associated with vinyl siding, including durability and color combination options, there are still some hazards which could potentially cause damage to your siding. While some of the following are natural causes, many are manmade and should be noted in order to avoid harming the integrity of your siding.

Mother Nature

The unpredictability of Mother Nature causes property damage across America each and every year. No matter the amount of planning or protection homeowners take, there are still weather events which can potentially cause some type of damage – even to the most durable materials. Fortunately, some of the initial concerns about siding involving color fading as a result of constant exposure to sunlight have been remedied, eliminating one of the more consistent weather dilemmas vinyl siding faces. 

However, there are still multiple weather events which may cause some type of damage to your siding. Hailstones, extremely high winds, and any projectiles which are caused by such an occurrence could potentially harm your siding. Should an unfavorable forecast be imminent, ensuring that any outside materials (i.e. chairs, swing sets, trampolines, tables, etc.) that could potentially become airborne or moved violently into the home should be secured. After any severe weather event, a complete inspection of your home including both the roof and siding, should be conducted.


Over time the likelihood that your siding becomes somewhat dirty is probable but how often you pressure wash your house depends on a variety of different factors. No matter what you decide, there are proper steps to take in order to keep from damaging the siding or causing potential water damage.

Abrasive cleaning solutions or brushes may also cause damage to your homes siding if not properly used. Avoid using too much force when scrubbing away any resilient dirt and grime so as not to cause scratches or puncture any of the siding. 


Firing up the grill and inviting friends or family over for some food and fun always seems like a good time. However, don’t ruin the moment by choosing to grill too close to the vinyl siding along your homes exterior. While storing your grill up close to the house makes sense, always remember to move it out and away from the wall before lighting. If not, the heat from grilling could cause the vinyl to warp, buckle, or worse – it may set the entire house on fire.


Insect damage on vinyl siding is not near as prevalent as wood but there is one pest which may sneak past the exterior and potentially cause damage to your home. While termites may not damage the vinyl itself, underneath they could attack the wood frame which may cause the vinyl to become misshapen. This, along with other signs that you may have termites is something to keep an eye on should you notice any vinyl siding beginning to appear differently after installation.


Outdoor chores such as mowing and weedeating are already tiresome tasks but if one should cause physical damage to their property expect a sick feeling in your stomach you won’t shake anytime soon. Depending on the landscaping which surrounds your home, using a weed eater in close proximity to your vinyl siding could cause issues. Repeated use or exposure to some areas could weaken the siding and potentially cause a hole or some cracking. As you complete this task, pay special attention to keep strings or blades from coming into contact with the siding or throwing rocks into your home.

Satellite Dish

Installing a satellite dish directly into vinyl siding may be hazardous if not done properly. The brackets should be placed and tightened just enough to leave room for the siding to contract and expand naturally. A few satellite media services may not even risk completing such a task but provided the brackets find a wooden stud underneath then there shouldn’t be any major issues associated with placing a dish onto a vinyl siding exterior.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, quality service has been our priority while serving Denver and the surrounding area for many years. Able to handle any and all siding, gutter, or roofing needs for your home the outside protective layers of your residence are our specialty. Arvada Roofing and Construction has been completing vinyl siding, roof, gutter installations, evaluations, and multiple other exterior household projects or associated services for nearly two decades. Their highly trained experts and staff can provide an estimate on any repair, remodel, or new construction project, if needed, as well as any inspection you wish to have completed. Should you find yourself in a situation where you are concerned about the effectiveness of your gutters, roof, or potentially already have an issue, we are right here to help. Our certified and extremely knowledgeable staff is available to handle any construction or roofing job and provide a variety of other services, including seamless guttering systems, or any potential analysis thought to be caused by severe weather for the purposes of insurance reporting. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate on any of the above mentioned projects!

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