Top Vinyl Siding Updates You Should Consider

Like it or not, curb appeal gives individuals an impressionable experience when viewing any property. Whether you are simply riding through a neighborhood, looking to purchase real estate, or managing your own home – curb appeal matters. Everyone is familiar with the phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover but it is here where those who are passing by will unfortunately make assumptions about a variety of different characteristics pertaining to those who reside inside. Although deciphering these various conclusions on simply a first impression is not a positive trait, the same principle applies here, and it is likely just human nature to have these initial thoughts and feelings based on the outer appearance of different properties – both commercial and residential.

For these reasons creating something which will make a positive first impression is the goal of many homeowners. Not only do they prefer to have a well manicured yard and landscape, but the home itself plays a major factor. Depending on the age of your property, upgrades may be warranted to help improve its outward appearance. The importance of curb appeal is well documented from a property management standpoint and whether you are currently thinking about putting your home on the market or just want to reap the benefits of a well maintained residence, there are multiple upgrade options available.

One of the biggest changes which can immediately improve the look of your property is with vinyl siding. Improvements in the construction and materials used to create vinyl siding has led to many new homes featuring at least some established area of siding. From a full house to eaves and overhangs only, updating your existing features with new materials can have a lasting impression. In fact, there are a variety of options new vinyl siding can add to your home in order to not only freshen up the exterior but really make a positive impression with your property.


Obviously switching the current color of your home will be a drastic change but what was once a limited batch of options is now seemingly endless. Vinyl siding has improved to include a full range of colors, truly opening up the experience for homeowners to achieve whatever they desire through its use.

Earth tones and darker hues are becoming more popular as individuals continue to push the envelope in upgrading their exterior materials.

Color Combinations

Another available option is to combine colors through two or more areas of the exterior walls. A lower level may comprise one color with a contrasting color used for the upper level or an entranceway versus the remainder of a home. Using these combinations can set focal points for your home, in addition to highlighting areas that may not generally be as receptive in the event one solid color is used.


The installation of vertical vinyl siding has also increased in recent years and this may be an option for homeowners depending on the exterior style of their property. Changing the site lines on your home, a new direction could really be a subtle switch which reveals a stunning contrast to what is currently installed.

From the ground up or just on upper levels, this change can really shift the look and appeal of a property. Combined with a new color, the possibilities are endless for changes without even having to physically switch the layout of your existing exterior.


Another popular option for those wishing to employ a subtle change is the addition of a textured material. Whether by installing new vinyl siding completely or just a few pieces, these can really transform the exterior of a home. Similar to other enhancements, textured materials can be a full scale change for the entire home or simply added to certain features in order to spruce up a propertys outward appearance.

Dark Accent

As earth tones and lighter colored hues dominate the current market, dark accents are also rising in popularity. These features help to bring attention to the details of your home while providing a spotlight on certain areas which may have once gone unnoticed. In addition, these changes can be coupled with other options (texture, vertical placement, etc.) to really transform the curb appeal of your residence.

Brick Combination

The combination of brick construction and vinyl siding eaves and overhangs has long been a constant in home construction. Improvements in these areas or the addition of a new porch or outdoor space may also help improve your existing property. The combination of these two materials has worked well over time and should continue to enhance a buildings outer appearance well into the future.


Creating a new look with sustainable materials is always important for a homeowner. The improvements to vinyl siding not only allow for a variety of colors, patterns, textures, etc. but they also provide a durable product that is much more established and resilient than its predecessors. Cleaning and maintenance are vastly easier for these new vinyl siding materials and the abundance of changes available by featuring siding shouldnt be overlooked when thinking about improving your homes exterior appearance.

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