Questions To Ask When Buying A Home

Buying real estate can be an exciting time as it is typically associated with some other major life event. Moving to a new location for work, needing more room for an upcoming addition to the family, downsizing in retirement, whatever the reason – change – despite the potential for it to be positive, can also be stressful. However, before you pack up the moving boxes and hit the road, there are always going to be important questions to ask when searching for the right property. Most individuals want to know about school districts, taxes, neighbors, crime rates, and many other features associated with a new place but there are also important questions to ask about the property itself. Answers to both can help ease some of the angst one may feel while navigating such a situation.

Just as there are questions to ask when buying new home construction, others are addressed for existing real estate. One of the most important focuses on a critical component of every home – the roof. This overhead layer is responsible for a lot more than simply keeping out the weather. A properly installed and ventilated roof can assist with heating/cooling costs, protection, and a variety of other important areas. This is why finding out certain specifics about the existing structure is extremely important. Not only will the answers likely have an impact on the final purchase price, but it could also reveal other factors which may make the property in question either more or less appealing. In addition, garnering as much reassurement as possible that you are getting your moneys worth in any such big investment allows homeowners to rest easy once all of the papers are signed and a sale is complete.


How old is the roof? One of the first questions potential home buyers ask when looking at a particular property but unfortunately too many times once an answer is given its on to the next item. Instead, individuals should be paying special attention to this detail and other questions about this important feature of their home.

Getting an accurate answer not only allows buyers to understand how long it should be before a replacement is needed but it is also a good indicator of other potential expenses. If a roof is over 25 years old then a deal may be reached where a replacement is negotiated into the contract or a price reduction for the new homeowners to afford the service. At any rate, consideration should be given once the actual age of a roof is determined. 

If no accurate age can be determined for the roof, then having an inspection is also a possibility. Some sellers may even have one completed prior to listing their home on the market in order to assure buyers that no issues exist. In either example, or if an inspection has been executed within a certain timeframe, seeing the full results can address details associated specifically with the roof. These could include the potential for any future problems, in addition to addressing the sound structural components of the construction.

Regular inspections are an important part of the maintenance plan for any roof and may also allow buyers to see how other elements associated with the property were cared for by the preceding inhabitants. A general inspection is usually part of any real estate deal but these do not carry the particular focus that a roof inspection would employ. If there is no record of a recent inspection or proof of a new installation, then ordering one that is conducted by a roofing professional with it as the sole focus could be relevant. 

Knowing who completed the prior installation is also an important bit of information which may be important to new homeowners. If the process was completed recently, then this information should be readily available and the buyers can check references about the companys past performances in the area. In the event that issues are uncovered, this may be addressed during any negotiations. If no problems are found then having someone who is familiar with the roof can also be beneficial should the property need any repair in the future. 

If the roof is older, then knowing who completed the installation may not be something that can be addressed. In this instance, having a proper inspection can help to ease new homeowners as they prepare to purchase a property.


Any prior damage to the structure should be something that individuals ask about when looking at a potential new home. Cosmetic repairs might have been completed or structural components replaced depending on the extent of any previous damage. This can point to potential future problem areas or an understanding of the cause behind any such revelation. 


If a roof replacement or repair has been conducted recently, then the structure may still be under warranty if one was offered. Transferring this information to the new homeowner is important to ensure that any future issues are appropriately addressed. The process of switching owners on any such warranty is usually relatively easy but unfortunately, many individuals do not think to inquire about such items until it is too late. As you uncover answers about the roof over a property that may be purchased, remember to include warranty information which could help save you money down the line.

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