Roof Maintenance Tips For The Summer

For many individuals, summertime signals the start of a much needed vacation season and a time of relaxing wherever the road takes you on your travels. Getting outside of your home and enjoying the nicer weather without a care in the world about day jobs or other work – especially any of those tasks associated with keeping up your current residence. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal situation for many homeowners as summer can be one of the most stressful seasons on your property roof. While it may consist of entirely different elements than the winter and fall seasons tend to produce, the challenges of summertime do extend to properly caring for your roof and need to be given their due amount of consideration.

Protecting your family, friends, and guests is always important and ensuring that you are taking appropriate steps to do so with regular roof maintenance can go a long way. Not only will it make certain that the homes overhead covering is properly cared for but it also can produce a significant return on the real estate investment while providing years of routine casual care once a complete replacement has been issued. Don’t think just because the warming temperatures have you unthawing from a frigid winter that your roof is immediately good to go, because it’s doing the same, making summertime one of the best times to install a new roof or seek repairs after a complete inspection conducted by a qualified professional.

Sun Exposure

No matter where you live, the sun is going to have some exposure on the roof of your residence. The amount is what makes a difference and even in Colorado, this can vary from home to home – even within the same neighborhood. While direct sunlight won’t cause extreme damage, it does add to the normal wear and tear that a roof receives.

No matter if your roof is partially shaded, knowing that certain areas are exposed and have the potential for damage should lead homeowners to conduct a review of their current situation. While nearly all roofing materials used for construction purposes are built to last for decades, the amount of sunlight exposure and area of a roof that is subject could lead to a shorter lifespan.

Heavy Rainfall

Water damage is something that every homeowner fears, especially when the entrance point is coming from above through a roof or ceiling. This exposes everything underneath to potential damage and the factors that may cause issues even after cleanup. Mold and mildew are problems that can arise if a roof is susceptible to water damage and the amount of rainfall during the spring and summer months is often much more than received during other parts of the year.

While snowfall amounts are high throughout Colorado, the summertime rains storms can also lead to roof damage. Many homeowners consider the winter and work to ensure their home will be protected during these months but forget the potential damaging characteristics associated with a rise in the amount of rain and even downpours which can but the structural components of a roof at risk.

Hail Damage

Another summer issue that is not as prevalent during the winter is hail. Typically accompanying thunderstorms, hail damage can weaken the roofs structural components and should be closely examined if subjected to this type of precipitation. While a professional observation may be needed to determine the extent of any damage, there are a few signs to spot hail damage that homeowners can recognize if they look closely.

These examinations should be conducted from the actual roof level and not on the ground. Simply looking up from ground level, much of the hail damage could go unnoticed as the removal of shingle material and other potential defects are often only the size of the hailstones which have come into contact with the overhead surfaces.

Increasing Heat

Heat exposure is something that can also potentially cause damage after repeated exposure. Similar to sun, there won’t be any sudden issues but repeatedly soaking up the sun and being subjected to heat is one of the factors that causes normal wear to a roof. Serving to keep your home protected from all of the elements, roofs absorb an enormous amount of heat (depending on the amount of sun reaching the surface) and are consistently expanding and contracting based on the outside temperatures. These changes cause the materials used for construction to become compromised and can potentially lead to problem areas.

Repair Components

Any repairs needed that are noted during the summer months may be a bit more costly but leaving any signs of damage unattended could potentially cause bigger issues. If you suspect that a roof has been structurally weakened by any of the above elements then having a complete inspection ordered could help to not only reveal potential issues but allow homeowners to rest easy if nothing noteworthy is found. Either way, as property owners prepare for the winter months and snowfall, getting a head start on roof maintenance during the later summer is extremely important.

As the summer progresses, ensure that you and your family can rest easy and enjoy the vacation season instead of being worried about how well your home is protected. Taking the appropriate steps to inspect and repair any noted items allows for the continued protection of your home and all of the things housed underneath the roof structure. A critical component that often doesn’t receive the necessary upkeep, summer checkups aid in optimum protection.

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