Protect Your Property From Holiday Decorating Damage

As the calendar turns and temperatures finally begin to cool, the signs of a fast approaching holiday season will also begin to pop up all around. From stores seemingly putting items in stock earlier and earlier each year to traditional songs starting to be played over and over on the radio, this time of year comes around just once but seems to be expanding in its length each and every season.

For many individuals and families, this time offers up an opportunity to decorate with everything from candles, lights, cutouts, and even the new found inflatable craze. Booming in popularity, these inflatables have become extravagant, incorporating lights and motions while being designed to ease the stress of having to decorate each and every square inch of a property. Even so, these too can cause issues or damage to a space if not properly secured and placed appropriately.

In order to avoid any potential damage to your roof, gutters, or siding, should you choose to decorate consider each of the following tips and advice.

Be Prepared

Holiday decorating should begin with a plan. Before getting lights out and beginning to hang them, ensure that each strand is functioning properly. Once you are certain that the lights will display as desired, then the plan can be put into place. Knowing which sections need to be completed first, in addition to having everything laid out and ready to go before starting the actual application will help to ensure a smooth decorating period. Avoid any costly mistakes (i.e. getting everything set and then not having anything light up once turned on) by planning ahead.

Safety First

One of the most important factors while decorating is to ensure a safe environment. Practicing basic ladder safety is critical when climbing to either access the roof or hang lights along the roofline. Anytime you walk or work on a roof the need to tread lightly is important. If your decorating ideas include putting items or lights on the roof of a property then make sure that you are not working alone and have help both on the ground and where the items are being placed.

Not only should you practice safe measures to avoid personal injury or property damage but electrical safety is also critically important. Do not overload an outlet or string too many lights together with extension cords or power strips.

Use Plastic

Never nail anything to your roof or put holes into it of any kind. Avoid the desire to simply hammer in hooks or other items to hold up the decorations. Instead, there are plastic alternatives which can either be inserted onto the gutter system or stuck to something instead of applying holes. Any punctures can allow moisture to seep into the roof, having the potential to cause a variety of damaging issues.


The placement of decorations is also something to consider in order to avoid any damages. While it may be best to avoid placing anything on the roof altogether, if this is your desire then consider where and how the lights, cutouts, or inflatables should be placed.

Avoid chimneys, vents, and other escape avenues for heat or air when placing your decorations. Inflatables have the potential to melt if placed close to chimneys and even light strands can be damaged by exhaust vents. Following the first step of having a plan in place, ensure that this includes making accomodations for both the placement of these items and transportation to the roof from the ground below.


Just as there is a tried and true process for how to remove lights from a tree, the same can be applied to your home. Having a plan for the removal is just as important as putting the lights up in the first place. While it may be tempting to simply grab a strand and begin to pull, this could cause potential damage to your roof or shingles even if you have them properly secured with plastic elements. The hooks could move or tear, causing shingles to be displaced or torn and if your lights are placed onto the gutter system, any sudden action may cause damage here as well.

Instead, ensure you have an appropriate amount of help and that there is a plan in place for removal. Doing so can help save time, energy, and avoid any costly mistakes.


In the event damage does occur to your roof, gutter system, or siding during any part of this process, getting immediate attention and help is important. Also, should you notice any damages while decorating, don’t wait to take action. Early detection to any potential hazards for a roof can help to alleviate bigger issues if gone unattended. Instead, get help and typically a quick remedy can be executed so you may enjoy the decorations and holiday season appropriately.

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