Top Gutter Cleaning Tips for a Protected Home

As the seasons change and temperatures begin to cool, the leaves and often many twigs will begin to fall from the trees located above and around your roof. While it can create a beautiful and enjoyable scene, left unattended these items may cause unwanted issues to your property. Ensuring your roof and especially the gutter system are working properly prior to the winter can save a homeowner considerably in the long run. Ahead of winter weather, when the gutter system is often needed the most, a quick inspection and assurance that your home is prepared can be extremely beneficial.

Winter gutter maintenance is potentially more important than any other time of the year. While many simply associate gutters with rainfall and their ability to move rainwater away from a homes foundation, they seem to be forgotten about for snow and ice melt removal. These same features that work particularly well in the spring, also serve a critical role in the winter months for year round coverage and protection of your home.

Before finding yourself in a situation where the roof begins to leak or ground floors begin to flood, consider taking steps to ensure that your home and gutter system is properly maintained and prepared for the upcoming winter season.


The importance of gutters and their ability to function effectively essentially serves as a protective barrier for your home. Working to keep water away from the foundation and from pooling on the roof or in other areas, a properly working gutter system is vital to a homeowner.

Left unattended, any type of clog or build up of debris could cause the water to pool and either begin to leak through the roof or not move away from a property and simply build up along the foundation. When this happens, the water often begins to seep through the walls and into the interior of a property. Water damage can be devastating and is often difficult to clean and repair once there is an issue. Instead of having to react from something that potentially could have been avoided, taking the time to reap the benefits of an inspection or gutter cleaning can help save you considerably as these issues can be avoided.

Spot Check

A simple spot check of your gutter system should be regularly completed to ensure that no obvious blockage is occuring. If you notice plant life growing from your gutters or sticks, limbs sprouting from the eaves of your home then it is obviously time for some type of action. These can often be completed from the ground level provided a more thorough inspection is completed at another time.

Routine Maintenance

These types of inspections should be part of the regular routine maintenance component for a gutter system. Considering the importance of a gutter and the benefits reaped by functioning properly, even an annual inspection from a professional can be beneficial. Similar to how you routinely take an automobile in for oil changes and tune-ups, the same style of care should also be applied to your home – including the gutter. Doing so can not only help to notice any changes to the system but also spot potential issues and get them repaired before there is an issue.


If completing your own spot check and inspection then accessing the roof becomes necessary. While a general overview can be completed from the ground on gutters and downspouts, it will take either checking the roofline from a ladder or above while on the roof to conclude a full examination.

First and foremost, these should never be attempted alone. Having assistance and someone on the ground during the process can aid in an inspection. Working together, the two can not only check after one another but also provide help in the case of any incident. Ladder safety should be followed at all times and individuals should never attempt anything with which they are not comfortable, especially when there are professional options available.

Seamless Gutters

The installation of a seamless gutter system can also help to avoid any blockage issues. Often the culprit for backups and debris piling up within a trough, seamless gutters are constructed of one piece cut to fit its exact positioning. Instead of different sizes being placed together in order to span a certain section, a seamless unit will not have these overlaps.

The benefit is a clean and clear path for water and any potential hazards – leaves, twigs, dirt, etc. – to travel and then escape through the downspout without getting stuck.
Screen Installation

Another option for homeowners is to have a screen or gutter barrier installed to keep larger items from falling into the water catching units. Doing so still allows rainwater and snowmelt to trickle into the system but leaves and other hazards are kept out.

Even if utilizing a seamless system or gutter protection, a regular maintenance schedule and monitoring for any issues should be maintained. While these do provide a sizeable protective opportunity, the potential for hazards still exists.

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