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Mold Formation and Your Arvada Roofing

This summer, Arvada has experienced afternoon rain storms that have led to a hot and humid season. This weather makes for the perfect environment for mold to grow especially in hidden areas within your Arvada roofing materials. Materials that contain cellulose such as paper, drywall, and wood are places where mold spores thrive. Extensive damage can happen if the mold growth isn’t taken care of right away. If you notice a leak in your roof, call for a professional roofer to inspect the area since moisture can get down deep into the interior of your home. As the growth progresses, it can get into the fibers of your roofing wooden structure and weaken it.

In order to prevent mold, its important to repair any leaks as soon as you notice them and to keep your home well ventilated. Its an expensive process to get a premature roof replacement, so as soon as you find a leak or the first sign of mold, contact Arvada Roofing and Construction. We will make sure that your home doesn’t become overrun with black mold. Did you know that most owners insurance doesn’t cover the cost of mold damage? Make sure to keep up with routine Arvada roofing inspections – it will prevent mold from the start and will prevent large roofing bills in the future.

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