Key Questions to Consider About Your Roof Structure

Home ownership can be one of the most rewarding experiences for many individuals but with it also comes a grand sense of responsibility. Not only are you providing for your own needs and security but also potentially those of your family and/or pets. Protecting them and continuing to support their needs is critically important and upkeep of a residence is just one of the many factors associated with this type of endeavor. One of the most critical components for protecting your home is the roof but unfortunately, its something that isn’t given much consideration on a typical day-to-day basis although it definitely needs to be given due respect. Not only does it serve as a barrier to shelter from outside elements but a roof can also impact the heating and cooling costs associated with a home. Whether you are constructing a new residence, or purchasing an already existing property, there are a few important questions to consider about the roof structure.

There are a variety of different roofing materials to choose from which will largely be impacted by the design and size of your property. From metal to shingles constructed of various different materials, choosing the right roof for your home is a critical first step in the process. However, even prior to selecting exactly which type of material will be installed overhead, there are still a few other factors to consider. The following questions should be asked of any quality contractor in order to ensure you are making the appropriate decisions and best investment for your home.

Repair or Replace?

If not involved in a new construction project, the immediate question should be whether your roof is simply in need of a repair or complete replacement. Depending on how many of the number of signs you need a new roof are present and the extent of any damage should quickly let you know if repair is even an option. If not, then replacement should be considered immediately to avoid any further potential damage.

Surprisingly, the need for a new roof overhead may not even be noticeable from the exterior – especially from ground level. Make certain a qualified individual has taken a look at your roof from both on the surface and within the homes attic or second level in order to provide a quality review and analysis.

How Long Will It Take?

One of the first questions most consumers want to know once they have determined that a replacement is necessary is how long will it take. Undergoing a roof replacement can be a bit stressful for homeowners as they feel exposure to the elements could be harmful to the underlayers or cause damage to their property. For this reason, the timing of a replacement is often contingent on a number of varying issues – first of which is the weather. 

Once a timeframe is mapped out and the weather is cooperative, then typical expectations are from one to three days (maybe more) depending on the size of the overall project. All roofs are created differently and must be designed for the specific property they are protecting which may create varying amounts of time for completing any project start to finish.

How Long Will It Last?

Immediately after learning how long it will take to complete the installation, the next question is how long can you expect your roof to last? Obviously, replacing a roof completely is an investment and homeowners want to make certain they are making a worthwhile upgrade to their residence. Depending on the age of your preceding roof, it is often an easy decision because of the amount of time new materials can provide protection.

While the overall amount guaranteed will vary by material, the typical roof is serviceable for approximately 20 years. Broken down over that time frame, the amount can easily be seen as a worthwhile investment and is obviously something that is needed if the preceding structure is showing signs of being compromised. Knowing in just a weeks time something can be installed which will last for decades and is a solid upgrade is the correct decision should your home be in need of a new roof.

Can I Protect It?

Finally, by committing to making such an improvement on your home you will obviously want to know if there is something you can do in order to protect it. Even though the typical timeframe for a roof is two decades, weather exposure and the amount of wind, including other Mother Nature elements can either strengthen or weaken this anticipated longevity. 

While you cant control the weather, there are a few steps individuals can take in order to protect their investment. These include, removing any trees which have limbs hanging overhead or could cause significant damage should they fall onto the house. While shade may be a priority, low hanging branches and other debris can cause issues not only for your roof but gutter and drainage systems as well. Regular inspections and taking precautionary steps to prevent the formation of ice dams in the winter can also extend the life of a new roof structure.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, quality roofing service has been our priority in Denver and the surrounding area for years as we handle any and all roofing needs. Arvada Roofing and Construction has been completing roof installations, evaluations, and multiple other exterior household projects or associated services for nearly two decades. Their highly trained experts can provide an estimate on any repair, remodel, or now construction project, if needed, as well as any inspection you wish to have completed. Should you find yourself in a situation where you are concerned about the effectiveness of your roof or already have an issue, we are here to help. Our certified and extremely knowledgeable staff is available to handle any construction or roofing job and provide a variety of other services such as seamless guttering systems, or any potential damage analysis thought to be caused by severe weather for the purposes of insurance reporting. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate on any of the above mentioned projects!

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