How to Select a Vinyl Siding Color for Your Home

There are a number of different measures to consider when purchasing a home, some of which include price range, style, roofing and construction materials, in addition to other critical factors – like location. While some building materials may change in appearance simply by adding a new coat of paint, a rising trend in real estate construction has involved the use of vinyl siding for many different features on a home including the main portion of outside wall construction. Fortunately, these types of properties can also undergo a change in color and appearance, if so desired. Replacing any current vinyl siding may come as simply a matter of preference if involved in the purchase of an existing home – due to its primary feature of long lasting durability – but should you be involved in the process of building a new home then there are also plenty of other siding decisions to be made.

The benefits of vinyl siding are remarkable. Not only can this material withstand many of the weather elements to which it will be exposed but modifications in the development process now allow for a wide range of color options and shades available to consumers. Also, these siding materials can hold their color and have been adapted to fit into many different types of construction models. Entire houses can be built using vinyl siding or applied as accent pieces and eaves, which also remain possibilities on brick and other types of homes.

Whether you are considering a change from your existing vinyl siding or part of a new construction project, each of the following should be considered when choosing a specific color or combination.

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a new siding color is the location of the home and surrounding properties. While you don’t necessarily have to commit toward cookie-cutter homes, it is probably best not to create something that may stand out beyond belief with the surrounding community. In fact, there may even be housing authority restrictions associated with an HOA or something of that nature.

For these reasons, it is recommended that homeowners select something comparable to their neighbors when changing vinyl siding colors. Doing so will result in a home that both you and your neighbors will be happy to have in the neighborhood. In the event your home is isolated, then feel free to choose whatever colors make you happy.

Style of Home
Certain house styles also coordinate themselves better to be fitted with vinyl siding than others. Cape cod, colonial, ranch and home additions all lean themselves more toward this option than other possible selections. Siding can also be combined with brick or other materials to help cover certain areas to create different looks. Whatever your opinion as a homeowner, choosing the right color and siding options that best correlate themselves with your current home style is best.

In the event you are adding onto a property, often vinyl siding is the best bet as an outer layer. Not only can a color be selected to best match the existing structure but this is often one of the fastest methods for completing such a project in a timely manner.

Amount of Surface Space
Another consideration for choosing vinyl siding is the amount of space to which it will be applied. Long, wide ranging spaces can lend themselves to being covered with vinyl siding more quickly and efficiently than many other types of materials. Depending on your available budget, siding can also provide a more economic option than something else.

Trim Colors, Eaves
Similar to adopting differing paint schemes on a property, vinyl siding can be combined with other colors along different parts of a home. Using these varying combinations allows for homeowners to create a sense of personality along their property. Often eaves or the trim areas of a home will be completed with a contrasting color option to the main features of a home.

Recommendation guides for painting the eaves of a home correlate this option to coincide with different roof styles and designs based on your individual property. Depending on the natural layout and location of your home, finding the appropriate color can be a tricky task. Ultimately, it comes down to exactly what each homeowner prefers due to the wide range of color options available with vinyl siding.  

Get On-Site Samples
Another process which can help property owners in choosing a specific vinyl siding color is to look at options on site. By providing different samples and getting to view them in exactly the natural light that will be reflected on a daily basis could help sway an individuals opinion one way or the other. 

Different color combinations can also be viewed and compared to one another exactly as they will be seen. This keeps artificial lighting from becoming an influence in the decision process and perhaps avoids making any mistakes when choosing a vinyl siding color or combination for their home.

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