How to Choose the Best Vinyl Siding for Your House

Choosing a home is an extremely important step in the life of any individual. Whether you are getting married, moving to a new city, growing up, or simply need to expand or downsize – regardless of the reasoning, the process can be a stressful one. Finding out the neighborhood history, leaning on reputation, and ultimately deciding what you are looking for within a property are all important steps. Some families decide space is important, others focus on school districts, as each and every situation is unique but there is also a critical element which should be given its due consideration in the process – building materials.

Between brick and vinyl siding or a combination, many homes currently being constructed and those already available on the market consist of these two keystones. Choosing between them can be difficult and ultimately the decision may revolve around other factors but the impact of new vinyl siding or benefits of its properties shouldn’t be ignored. Whether you are considering a change to your current home, looking at a potential fixer-upper, or are in the market for a new home entirely, consider each of these different possible applications of vinyl siding. The unique aspects associated with installation and how it can be used to revitalize an existing structure or make a lasting impression as a new construction material are extremely versatile.

Exterior Walls

Undoubtedly one of the largest surface areas in need of coverage, the exterior walls of a home are not only the most exposed but also one of the first things people notice about the look of a property. These areas present the biggest risk of damage, simply due to their abundance of size, but the durability of vinyl siding helps to prevent most instances absent an outside force coming into contact with the home. Regular upkeep and simply inspections will keep your vinyl siding looking great year after year.

Advances in technology have increased this durability for vinyl siding and has helped it to gain momentum in the construction industry. These newfound abilities not only extended the lifespan of vinyl siding but also improved the outward appearance of your home. Choosing from a variety of different colors available, almost anything any homeowner would desire can be accomplished as these exterior walls will ultimately determine the overall look and color of your home. Fortunately, the past worries about weather, sun exposure, and other outside elements having a detrimental impact on your vinyl siding have been washed away.


Even if your home is composed of a brick foundation or exterior, the ability to use vinyl siding on overhangs and entranceways is always a possibility. Depending on the design schematics and architecture style of your home, this option can be extremely beneficial. Not only making construction easier but also in terms of adding a splash of color. A majority of brick homes are reddish in color but with vinyl siding overhangs a contrasting color combination can be easily added.

In addition, vinyl can be used as a soffit for overhanging areas where the roof construction meets exterior walls. This area, depending on the material, can be subject to water damage as rainfall exits off the roof, especially if the gutter system isn’t functioning properly. However, vinyl siding or soffit can help to potentially eliminate this adverse effect. 


Many homes also feature a gable roof or outset from above ground level of a window or some instance where there needs to be more siding or another construction material selected in order to achieve the correct design. While these have similar options and can be constructed of the existing exterior wall material, choosing vinyl siding for one or both is undoubtedly the best available option to homeowners. Not only is this a lighter material for any roof bearing components, but it also can be used in similar fashion as an overhang – to establish a contrasting or cooperating color associated with the remainder of the home.


Accent pieces can also be constructed of vinyl siding and offer many of the same benefits. These intricate details can be blended in with the overall exterior design or used to construct a bold statement, while creating a unique curb appeal aspect. For example, the soffit colors can either be similar to overhangs, gables, or other areas in a blended concept or a contrasting color to highlight the roof outline or wherever the vinyl siding accent pieces are installed.


There are also instances where homeowners may elect to enjoy the vertical vinyl siding benefits. As design styles have changed over the past few years, along with the advances to vinyl siding construction, an ability to install these measures in a vertical fashion have been used to create a different look entirely. Able to be used throughout the entire property or in contrast to other areas, the ability to mix and match between horizontal and vertical alignments have increased the options available to homeowners across the country.


If you have ever tried to match older brick colors with new materials, you soon notice the difficulty associated with this task. Over time, brick becomes worn and weathered, changing the color grade ever so slightly from the original hue. For this reason, any replacement necessitated on a home or new additions can be extremely difficult to match without simply looking like an obvious patch or eyesore. For this reason and many others, if homeowners are considering an expansion or garage addition – connected or free standing – often vinyl siding is the construction material of choice. Not only does this prevent from having to match up colors but if the vinyl is used anywhere else on property, then the matching cohesiveness simply goes hand-in-hand once this new extension of the property is constructed.

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