Benefits of Cool Roofs

Managing the power bill is something that many individuals struggle with during the course of a calendar year. From bitterly cold winters to summers rising temperatures, the strain placed onto a heat pump or air conditioning unit can sometimes be too much to bear. Fortunately, there are a few measures individuals can take in order to help eliminate the rising electric bills as they attempt to keep everyone either heated or cooled beneath their roof. Temperature settings and fluctuations have an obvious impact but one of the biggest factors in regulating comfortable conditions lies within that protective barrier just above your head. Insulated or not, second-level living or attic, a roof serves not only to keep outside elements from penetrating into the home but it can also have a significant impact on the air temperatures both inside and outside of a residence.

Cool roofs are an energy efficient alternative to traditional methods and materials which serve to establish a variety of different benefits. These positives should be given appropriate consideration if you’re in the market for a roof upgrade or are completing a new construction project. Although the initial price of installation may be higher than other models, the wide range of available benefits more than makes up for this difference, in addition to the associated cost measures which can easily be justified in a relatively short time period. No matter your roof construction style, a cool roof alternative can often be applied. This application immediately acts as a beneficiary for those who elect to install these types of measures onto their home. 

Energy Efficient

One of the largest benefits of a cool roof system is the energy efficiency derived from its existence. Not only are the material colors used reflective of the sunlight but this action also helps to cool the home underneath. By reflecting the heat instead of absorbing, the home can be kept at a more comfortable temperature without the strain on artificial cooling units.

In addition, proper ventilation assists in the cool roof features and helps to maintain a steady temperature throughout the year. While sunlight absorption may be considered to be beneficial during the winter months, cool roofs can still maintain their positive characteristics – detailed below – and thus should be considered for homes in all types of climates.

Extended Lifespan

The reflection of this heat and sunlight, which is likely covering a major portion of your propertys roof, also serves to extend the lifespan traditionally associated with any other materials. Daily exposure simply wears on all roofing materials but a cool roof is designed to withstand constant punishment and should not begin to wear, break, or fall apart nearly as quickly as other materials. This is just one of the many cost saving benefits of a cool roof. From the money saved via a less expensive power bill, added with not needing repairs or replacement at normal intervals, a cool roof quickly makes up for any initial higher priced installation.

As the extended lifespan continues, so too do the cost saving initiatives associated with these heating and cooling conditions. Since the roof is going to last longer, the benefits of a less expensive power bill continue over time.

Power Grid Impact / Emissions

By lowering electricity use within a home, the end result is less emissions throughout the world. While individuals may believe that one residence simply won’t have such a big impact on a particular power grid – consider an entire community or city as the outlets located within your home. In the event that too many are being used at once, or something requiring an abundance of power is plugged into one outlet and turned on, then this item can have a significant impact on the entire system. Within a home, sparks could fly, the power could go out completely, or the item may be damaged. Each home pulling energy from the same power grid is a similar concept. Even one cool roof can have a positive impact and help to reduce the emissions associated over an entire power grid, which is not only beneficial to the community but the world.

Urban Heat Island

The Urban Heat Island effect can not only be attributed to major cities but also neighborhoods and urban areas where homes are clustered close together. In the event that an HOA or other authority implements a cool roof mandate, then the general area may reduce their outside temperatures by a few degrees. Doing so is not only beneficial to the residents but can have positive impacts on the wildlife, plants, and other items within a community.

Winter Time Impact

There is evidence cool roofs provide benefits even in cold climates, especially those who receive ample amounts of snowfall. Serving as another layer of insulation, snow can aid a cool roof in serving to protect a home and those who reside underneath. Perhaps, ice dam formation could also be prevented due to proper ventilation and the ability of a cool roof to continually reflect heat. In both instances, the benefits associated with a cool roof extend beyond helping to simply keep the inhabitants comfortable by managing summertime temperatures. Cooling in the heat and maintaining a comfortable environment during the freezing winter months, the benefits of a cool roof extend continuously throughout the calendar year.

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