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3 Tips for Spring Roof Cleanup in Denver

As the sun begins to shine again, the outside aesthetic of your home becomes more important. Take a look at the status of your roof – chances are, there is debris, leaves, and brush stuck all over. Cleaning up your roof is something that a Denver roofing company can provide, and it will extend the life of your roof as well. Here are three tips from your local roofing experts for spring cleaning for your roof:

Watch the Overhang: Trees with large overhang can affect your roof. As a part of your routine tree trimming, make sure that the branches do not touch the shingles of your roof. They can scrape and deteriorate the shingles and materials.

Look for Discoloration: Mold is a major detriment to your roof’s state and can greatly affect the longevity of its function. Check for any patches or lines of discoloration across your roof. If mold has started to grow, it can be managed by a professional with the use of chlorine or other garden sprays, but do not attempt to power-wash the shingles – this could remove or break them.

Empty the Gutters: While it might not be unsightly or even actually seen, filled or clogged gutters can allow for water pooling and increase the potential damage to your roof. With the rain this spring, it is all the more important that the gutters of your home are without obstruction and able to filter the water to the appropriate places.

Questions? Contact your Denver roofing companies for more tips and advice for maintaining your roof this spring.

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