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Why Gutter Maintenance Is Crucial for Roof Longevity?

As Arvada roofing professionals, we know the importance of proper gutter and downspout maintenance. Over time your gutters can become clogged with dirt and debris, which prevents water from draining properly. Water backed up in your gutters can mean major damage for your roof later. Instead of being directed to the downspouts and safely deposited away, the water can flow onto your widows or even down into your foundation. If the backed up water in your gutter freezes, the weight can put undue stress and slowly drive nails out of the fascia. Ice will also start forming under your roof in the winter if water never has a chance to drain.

  • When to Clean  Ideally, you should clean your gutters twice a year. Late fall, after the leaves have fallen from the trees, will prevent any possible ice and winter damage over the colder months. When Arvada gets higher than usual levels of snow it’s important to make sure your gutters are free of any debris. Mid spring when the seeds and blossoms are falling – is also a good time to give the gutters a good cleaning out. When the late spring rains hit in the Arvada area you want to make sure the torrential rains get diverted immediately from the home.
  • Tools to Use  The basics should do the trick when cleaning your Colorado gutters. You are of course need a ladder to reach the height required, and you should always have someone with you to hold the base and provide a lookout and to make sure you are working as safe as possible. Put on a good pair of waterproof yard or work gloves (even rubber gloves from the kitchen can work) and, with a trusty bucket, you can simply scoop out the leaves and other detritus with your gloved hands. For stubborn or wet pockets of refuse, it’s best to wait for it to dry if you can. Using a spade or other small shovel or trowel is not recommended as they can damage your gutters.
  • Don’t Forget the Downspout  Once you are cleaned out the gutters, take a garden hose and spray them down. Not only will this clean out any remnants you may have missed, but it also shows you if your downspouts are clogged. If the water you spray into your gutters doesn’t drain, odds are good you have a downspout clog. While they don’t happen often in the drier climates of Colorado, they can happen in more residential areas with tall trees. Fortunately, downspouts are easy to take apart to remove any build up.

Maintaining your gutters is the single best way a homeowner can prevent damage to their roof. However, if you find when doing your bi-annual cleaning you find there has been some damage to your roof, Arvada Roofing and Construction is here to diagnose any and all options you have with professional repairs. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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