What You Need to Know Before Installing Solar Panels

The idea of going green is a highly appealing concept, one that has soared in popularity in recent years. This trend is related to the increase in the amount of awareness around how our society plays a part in impacting the environment and the earth as a whole. When it comes to roofing, eco-friendly products and services are becoming more popular as consumers become more conscious about their activities. If you are interested in going green with the installation of solar panels, here are a few things to be aware of from your Arvada Roofing Company.

The Impact on Your Roof

A very popular trend in recent years has been the shift towards greener and cleaner energy sources. When it comes to implementing greener energy sources from an individual or small business standpoint, having solar panels installed onto your property has become a common strategy to reduce your impact upon the environment. In many instances, this involves having solar panels installed onto the roof of your building, as this can be the ideal position for solar panels to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

While this is an encouraging trend that will continue to rise in popularity, it should be kept in mind that you will want to ensure that your roof is not damaged in the process. Solar panels that are installed improperly can severely damage your roof and create a number of additional problems, such as leaks and structural damage to your property.

Choosing a trusted solar panel installation company is critical in regards to maintaining the health and stability of your roof. By choosing to go with the more economical option, you may be relying on a company that has a less than stellar history with installation practices. Always select a solar panel company that has a positive reputation and consult with your local Arvada roofing company if necessary in order to get a well-rounded opinion. Some solar panel installers will want to do whatever they can to get you to choose to do business with them, which sometimes includes overlooking critical aspects of how the solar array will impact your roof.

Is Your Roof Suitable for Solar Panels

The idea of reducing your carbon footprint by opting to have solar panels installed on your property is an alluring prospect, but sometimes it is not the most practical option for your particular situation. Many times, roofs are simply not in the ideal location to have solar panels installed on them. This can be due to environmental factors that prevent the sun from properly reaching the solar array. It can also be caused by a roof that is not angled properly towards the sun, as you ideally want to have solar panels that face either south or west for maximum sunlight exposure.

Another important factor to bear in mind is the fact that many roofs may not actually be suitable for solar panels to be installed on. Often times, a roof can have certain structural issues that prevent an adequate installation of solar panels. Many penetrations will need to be made to your roof throughout the installation process, which can be against the recommendations of your roofing system. It is always a good idea to consult with the roofing company that installed your roof prior to having solar panels installed in order to attain a full perspective of

Alterations to Your Maintenance Plan

Over the course of your roof’s lifespan, it will certainly require a degree of maintenance. Sometimes this is just a regular inspection or a patch, but other times it can include much more extensive and larger fixes. Having solar panels present on top of your roof will restrict a roofing company’s ability to access certain portions of your roof and can make fixes and maintenance activities much more challenging.

Prior to having solar panels installed, you will want your solar panel company to have an adequate plan for how maintenance will occur. You will also want the installation of solar panels to be done in accordance with best practices, to prevent issues such as pooling water in areas around the panels and other issues that can damage the panels. Work with your solar panel and roofing company to ensure that things are properly and effectively taken into account.

The Best Time to Install Solar Panels?

So you’ve made the decision to become your own energy producer and want to have solar panels installed onto your roof and now you’re wondering when the best time to install solar panels is. Without a doubt, the best moment in which to have solar panels installed onto your roof is in coordination with the installation of a new roof. If you have an aging roof that is on the verge of requiring replacement, it can be a terrific idea to also have a roof installed at the same time that you have your brand new solar panels installed.

There are a few reasons why this is the ideal time to have solar panels installed. The first is that you can coordinate the installation process of your solar panels with your roofing company as a way to ensure that the roof complements the solar array. In deciding to go with a solar energy array, you will want to select the roofing material that is most appropriate for solar panels to be installed on top of.

Additionally, having solar panels installed in combination with a new roof can reduce costs, as the installation can be done efficiently to reduce labor costs. In the course of having these two crucial elements installed onto your property, this reduction in savings can be huge in the long run.

If you are interested in having a new roof installed or are curious about any issues that can arise from the installation of solar panels onto your property, contact Arvada Roofing and Construction company today. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to serve our customers every need, and we’re confident that you will be grateful you chose to work with us for your next roofing project. Call us at 303-432-2753.

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