What Every Homebuyer Should Know About Roof Age and Replacement

When purchasing a home, one of the most common questions individuals have about their new property is the age of the current roof. Knowing first-hand that this is not only an important component of the structure but one that may be costly to replace (and rightfully so), ensuring that your new investment and home will protect your family and belongings for the foreseeable future is critical. For this reason, many individuals in the process of searching for a new dwelling will ask these questions and attempt to find a family home with a roof that has been recently replaced, repaired, or constructed within a more updated timeline. 

Doing so not only ensures that the existing structure will continue to serve its purpose into the future but also that money will not have to be budgeted for a potential replacement until some point later on in its existence. With an average life expectancy of 30 years, this is a sizable investment but one that is worth the money when properly constructed as the return is for safety and protection of all inhabitants and valuables found underneath. For this reason, making sure you ask all the right questions while in search of someone to complete the job is even more important.

For homeowners, understanding each and every one of the steps in this process is an important feature. First and foremost, individuals should ascertain precisely what work will be completed on their roof. Is it a professional recommendation for patchwork, other repair, or a full replacement? Depending on the age of your roof and the damage – either from an outside factor (hail, tree limb) or simple wear and tear associated with regular use – exactly what work will be done is critical to determine before proceeding. 

Once this is established, understanding if the new roofing material will be similar to what is currently in use or if there is a potential for switching the make-up of a structure should be next on the list. While this could be somewhat personal preference, the roofing contractor may also provide a point of reference for the homeowner in regards to varying materials and even perhaps suggest an improvement for the next phase of their home.

After the entire realm of a project is understood, the next component for a property owner and roofing workers to go over will be access to the property and structure, in particular. For contractors, each and every job is unique as homes possess different roof designs, layouts, and exist on varying pieces of property – each of which may present their own hazards. For these reasons, not every job is identical and parameters must be established for how work will be completed at the current site.

Interior inspections may also be required, in addition to potentially needing access to a deck, patio, or other area of the home in order to reach the roof level. Understanding the liability associated with these types of jobs and who is responsible in the event of any property damage or injury is critical to both the progress and completion of a project.

Replacing a roof requires a lot of work and can create an abundance of debris and old materials that need to be removed. As a homeowner, you want to guarantee all previously existing materials will be disposed of properly and not left laying around your home. Not only can this cause unsightly debris to be scattered throughout your landscape but it also has the potential for damage in the event nails or something else either falls or remains on the surface without being properly disposed. Ensure that the full realm of a roofing project includes measures for clean up and debris removal prior to beginning.

Colorado is one of the top states for unpredictable weather and knowing roof damage can be caused from hail to high winds, it may also interfere with your current timeline of replacement. Before beginning a project, check the long-range forecast and although there may be some changes, knowing up front how long the task is going to take and if there may be any potential delays is important. Also, have a plan for such an occurrence and ensure that the roofing professionals are going to keep your home safe in the event of storms or high winds during the process.

Along the same lines of making plans for the weather, knowing the original timeline for a project is also important. Homeowners should understand exactly how long the replacement/repair work will take and exactly what the work will entail. If you will be home during the process or away while work is being done and what hours of the day it will be completed.

Depending on the reasoning for replacement, there may be an ability to file insurance claims in order to help offset the cost of replacing a roof. Having a professional representative on-hand with an adjuster can help in the review process.

Finally, how payment will be rendered for the work completed should also be discussed prior to starting the project. Whether the job is handled through an insurance company or individual representative, the details of payment should be arrived at before any work begins. This serves to not only protect the homeowner but also the business completing repairs and/or replacement.

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