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Top 3 Fire Resistant Roofing Materials in Arvada

Accounting for major damage to homes all over the U.S., residential fires cost homeowners when an accident or natural disaster occurs. Because it can at times happen seemingly out of nowhere, it is important to take any precaution possible to make sure you don’t fall victim to such a scenario. Make sure to choose a material that prevents unnecessary damage to your home with your roofing options. Consider the following fire-safe Arvada roofing materials for your home:

Rubber Tile: As an economically friendly and green option, rubber tile is typically made of recycled material while providing fire-resistance. The barriers underneath the tile actually provide an extra layer of safety and resistance giving this material a Class A rating.

Clay Tiles: What we already know about clay is that it does not ignite or combust, and roofing materials made of clay work the same way. These types of tiles should have extra care taken in their installation however, which means depending on the type installed, other measures should be taken in order to completely seal the area beneath the tiles.

Asphalt Shingles Fiberglass: Essentially the most economically-friendly option for roofing material, fiberglass or asphalt shingles are probably the most commonly used. These types of shingles comply with all required fire-safe measures as long as the installation of the shingles does as well.

Be sure to call the experts to assess whether your Arvada roofing materials are properly installed and the correct materials to be fire resistant. Protect you and your loved ones from potential disaster with proper roofing materials. Call Arvada Roofing and Construction to learn more about your roofing options.

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