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Roofing Companies in Denver Help to Keep Roof Pests Out

Are critters wreaking havoc on your roof? If you are hearing scampering and scraping sounds in your attic, the odds are good that you have a problem with roofing pests. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and in some areas of the country, roof rats, can all cause significant damage to a homes roof. 

The key to preventing problems with roof pests is to seal any openings where they can gain access. Damaged roofing is like an open invitation for pests to come in and make themselves at home. Roofing companies in Denver frequently see problems with pests in a home that could have been prevented if only the roof had been kept in good repair. In addition to keeping the roof in good condition, make sure any vents are covered with screens.

Birds are problematic because first of all, their droppings are very acidic and can eat away at roofing materials. Their nests can block drainpipes and cause water overflow issues. Additionally, since the nests are made of straw and twigs, old nests on a roof can be fire hazards as well. Seasonal cleaning of the roof and gutters of nesting materials is crucial in order to keep a roof in good shape.

Raccoons and squirrels will pull off and chew on old, warping shingles. About once a month, it’s a good idea to take a walk around a property and look for any signs of chewing or scratching where a pest might be trying to gain entry. Act quickly if any areas are found to be in need of roofing repair.

Denver, Colorado encompasses a substantial portion of the roof rat’s territory in the United States, and these opportunists can sneak in through any opening that comes close to the size of a nickel. As with most of the roofing pests, the best way to prevent them is through proper roof maintenance. Make sure everything is properly caulked and sealed.

If you are experiencing problems with roof pests, contact a roofing repair company Denver residents trust for help.

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