Roof Ventilation Problems and How to Fix Them

One of the most important construction components of any building, a roof not only protects inhabitants and their belongings from the outside elements, but serves a variety of other useful functions. Helping to control the ventilation from an attic or upper levels of a property is also critical to appropriate functionality and of key importance for maintaining the integrity of any structure. Just another in the long list of important characteristics for any roof, ensuring that your current covering is performing its best can save a homeowner money now and well into the future.

But how long does a roof last? An important question that many individuals consider when purchasing an existing property but also one they tend to forget about until some type of issue arises. In the event regular maintenance and routine inspections are a part of your roofing care package, then expect to receive roughly 25 to 30 years of service from a quality roof. While there isn’t much that can be done in order to protect this exposed layer following installation, one area which can be relatively easy to treat, but devastating if left unattended, is the amount of ventilation available. Air flow is extremely important for the health of your roof and ensuring that the attic or upper levels of your home have a sufficient amount can greatly impact your roofs ability to function properly. Each of the following are potential hazards associated with improper ventilation surrounding a roof.

Temperature Control

Improper ventilation can result in excess ware for your air conditioning unit. Not only will you end up spending more money in order to maintain a suitable temperature inside the home but constant running with little or only a few breaks can lead to wear and tear on your cooling unit. By not properly maintaining the temperature inside, homeowners can end up costing themselves in roof and air conditioning repairs, in addition to increased monthly electric bills. 

Dry Rot

If youve noticed a water spot beginning to show up on your ceiling, inside the home, chances are some of the roof decking material may have dry rotted. If this is the case then replacement is necessary in order to avoid any further damage. Decking wood rot is also possible in the event shingles have become damaged or are missing but maintaining proper ventilation can assist in prolonging the time it takes to develop and hopefully exterior repairs are made in the interim.

Mold and Moisture Build-Up

Additional potential causes of rotting and other issues involve the possibility of mold and moisture build-up in an attic and among roof joists with improper ventilation. These areas within a home are typically darker and can be prime environments for mold to develop, especially during the winter months. Instead of moisture arriving from the outside, which remains a possibility, the warmer air inside a home escaping and meeting the cooler elements poses a risk for mold and mildew accumulation.


These deteriorating conditions can also lead to rust issues with many of the fasteners and nails if they are exposed to unwanted moisture. If a heavy dose accumulates then breaking could occur which potentially could impact ridges, flashing, and shingle connectivity. Creating a domino effect of issues, improper ventilation can create a myriad of issues.

Ice Dams

Proper ventilation is the best solution for how to get rid of ice dams. A measure which should be taken prior to formation, knowing your attic space and roof are properly ventilated can help homeowners rest easy during the winter months. Not only do you have to worry about water damage associated with any ice dam formations but the air flow can also keep your home operating in an energy efficient manner.

Shingle Failure

Outside observance of cracking or missing granules from shingles can also be a sign of improper ventilation. Once these shingles begin to fail it is only a matter of time before the outside elements begin to creep into a home. Typically water damage, keeping a roof well ventilated helps to fight against many of these potential hazards.


While a professional roof inspection is recommended, there are a number of simple solutions for improper roof ventilation. Experts can quickly ascertain whether or not your particular scenario could be remedied by either moving the existing vents or adding roof exhaust and soffit vents to help improve the current airflow. Not only will these additional measures help to keep you and your family protected but they also allow homeowners to save money through efficient heating and cooling of their home, less potential for roof damage, and a quality life for their existing surface covering.

If you happen to have a finished attic or completed top story in a home underneath the roof itself, then rafter vents offer the best solution. Since soffit and exhaust components are not feasible due to the finished product in lieu of an attic space, adding these or installing them as your construction project is completed is important. Again, a thorough examination and analysis of your existing situation can lead to additional recommendations or repairs necessary in order to avoid any potential issues caused by improper ventilation.

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