Most Common Hazards Of DIY Roof Repairs

When it comes to maintaining your home, it’s tempting to handle everything on your own. After all, the more tasks you complete yourself, the more actively involved you feel in the upkeep of your house. Though some tasks can be great weekend projects, others are best left to the professionals and roof repair is one of those tasks. In fact, handling your own roof repair and maintenance is both dangerous and a leading cause of injury among homeowners. Your trusted Arvada roofers explain a few of the most common dangers of DIY roofing that you can avoid by hiring a professional team.

Poorly Made Assessments

Proper roof repair requires a detailed inspection by an experienced contractor before any repairs are made. Without the inspection, you have no real idea of what the issue is. Remember, a leaking roof can be caused by missing shingles, compromised roofing underlayment, or even improper attic ventilation. Without the right training and knowhow, determining the underlying cause of the problem can be almost impossible. By working with an experienced roofing team, you’ll know that the issue is properly diagnosed and all repairs are made correctly, giving you a long-lasting and durable roof that will keep your home protected from the elements.

Poor Workmanship

Though many homeowners believe they can do the job just as well as a trained professional, no amount of video tutorials can make up for decades of experience. DIY repairs may patch the issue, but they rarely fix the underlying problem correctly. Worse, DIY work can often make the damage worse, leaving your home unprotected against leaks and water damage. Roof repair requires precision and proper installation in order to be effective. Only experienced professionals have the training required to repair a roof correctly.

Voided Roof Warranties

Almost every roof comes with a warranty when it’s installed that lasts for many years. However, in order to preserve the warranty, the homeowner must properly maintain and repair the materials used. By doing even basic roofing maintenance on your own, you can inadvertently void the warranty on the roof. This means if anything prematurely damages the materials, you’re liable for the full cost of repairs or replacement. Neither the roofing company who installed the materials nor the manufacturer is liable for damage. When you let a licensed professional handle the repairs, you’ll preserve the warranty until it expires.

Create More Issues

Though roof repair may seem simple enough, it’s far more complex than you’d think. Even replacing a single missing shingle without securing it properly can compromise the surrounding shingles and make your roof less efficient at keeping the weather from interfering with your family’s comfort. Handling repairs on your own can lead to worse issues down the road, costing you far more than the initial repairs ever would had you consulted with an experienced roofing contractor. Roofing contractors can repair the existing issue while working to prevent further damage rather than causing additional problems during the appointment.

Roofing is Inherently Dangerous

Even single-story homes have a relatively tall roofline. Without the proper safety equipment and precautions, you’re placing yourself at risk for severe injuries anytime you get out on the roof. Even experienced roofers can get injured on the job. However, unlike the average homeowner, they have the right safety equipment and experience to reduce the risk of unexpected falls and injuries while on the job. Remember, roofing materials can get slippery even in light rain conditions. Without the right footwear, training, and equipment, you’re exposing yourself to an increased risk of falling. Though most falls only result in minor injuries, others can be potentially life threatening. Your life is worth far more than the cost of hiring a professional to fix a simple roof leak.

More Expensive Materials

When you buy your own roofing materials, you’re stuck paying full retail price at your local hardware or building supply store. While the added cost may not be high for small repairs, it can add up quickly when you’re looking at larger maintenance projects. Professional roofing companies are able to order the materials at wholesale prices. For many projects, these discounted prices can often save you money on the full cost of the project, even when you factor in labor expenses. Best of all, experienced contractors will always choose the best materials for your home. Since they know what to look for based on your structure’s requirements, you’ll never have to worry about inferior or inappropriate products getting used on your house.

Asbestos is Still a Problem

If your home was built before 1980, there’s a good chance there’s still asbestos in the attic. This known toxin was once a commonly used material in residential roofs. Though the government banned the use of asbestos, it may still be lurking inside the attic or your home’s sub roofing. Once the outer layer of roofing materials is removed, asbestos can go airborne, putting you and your health at risk. Professional roofers can assess your home’s risk of asbestos contamination and take the proper precautions to safely remove the hazard from your house.

Getting Stuck

While more of an inconvenience than a true safety hazard, no one wants to get stuck on their roof for hours at a time. However, for many homeowners, this is a reality. If the ladder falls and no one is home to pick it back up or your family doesn’t notice that the ladder is no longer propped up against the side of the home, you may end up stuck on the roof. Roofing contractors always have someone on the ground to make sure the ladder is secure and upright. The last thing you want to deal with is wasting your Saturday afternoon sitting on the roofline in the hot sun simply because your ladder fell.

Let the team at Arvada Roofing & Construction help you avoid these common roofing hazards. Our experienced contractors can repair and install almost every type of residential roof so your home will look its best and withstand the weather with ease. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate, whether you’re looking for a simple repair or need a new roof installed.

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