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Hurricane Force Winds

On December 25th we witnessed 100 plus mile an hour winds. These winds were so strong they blew off shingles, siding, gutters, and fascia metal all over our state. We have been recieving call after call about homeowners needing a speedy repair. If you are having a hard time finding somone to come out and assess the damage on your home feel free to give us a call. We can usually make it out to take a look in 1-2 days and a get the repair done within a week. All estimates are free! Also if you are worried about you roof leaking due to multiple shingles blowing off your roof we will come tarp your roof and make sure it is water tight for you incase a snow storm or rain comes in. We have been in bussiness for over 20 years now and will make sure you all repairs or work gets done in a timely matter and at a fair price! Please call Glen Sumner with any questions or if there is any thing we can do for you. Our business line is 303-432-2753

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