How To Winterize Your Gutters

Winter can be a harsh season and its toll isn’t simply relegated to making an impact on individuals, animals, vehicles, and other items. Mother Nature can also take a toll on physical property and with fluctuating temperatures, major snow falls, resulting melting, ice, and winds, ensuring that your property is protected and able to handle these constant shifts becomes increasingly important. Fortunately, there are steps homeowners can take in order to protect their homes, but many of the best options need to be addressed prior to something occurring. These steps can be put in place to put your home in the best possible situation, but there are a few areas that may be addressed, even in the dead of winter, depending on current weather conditions.

A homes gutter system plays a vital role during each season of the year, but especially during the winter months. While many individuals may only associate gutter functioning with spring time and the corresponding abundance of rain showers, the truth is winter can require even more from the gutters. Regardless of the timing, gutters are actually necessary and play a vital role in helping to protect a home from any potential water damage. Especially during the winter, having a fully functioning and comprehensive gutter system can really allow homeowners to rest easy knowing that their property will remain protected regardless of what Mother Nature may have in store. 
Insulation / Venting

Believe it or not, ensuring your gutter system is functioning to the best of its capacity actually begins inside the home. Attic or upper level insulation and venting can make a huge impact on the ability of your roof line to appropriately and effectively melt snow, ice and aid in any water runoff to the gutter system. If your roof isn’t ventilated properly, then it can significantly prohibit the ability of this surface to handle all amounts of winter precipitation. Annual roof inspections can help ensure your roof is always ready for the winter months, and every season of the year, by checking underneath the outer surface for the necessary materials to provide ventilation and insulation measures keeping the roof and gutter system performing at an elite level.
Ice Dams

Ice dams are one of the most disastrous winter elements for a home, roof, and gutter system, occurring during these colder months. Forming when there is not an appropriate amount of ventilation or insulation around the roof, these naturally built barriers can cause water to pool and ultimately either seep into the upper levels or trickle down to the foundation of a home. Ice dams typically form just above the gutter line on the eaves of a home and instead of water flowing down into the trough and then away from a propertys foundation, ice forms creating a barrier to the gutter system. In turn, this water backs up on the roof and has no method of escape, potentially causing major issues for a homeowner.
Ice Blockage

Similar to ice dams, blockage can also occur in the gutter trough itself which may also cause potential damage to a property. If ice forms in the actual gutter, then the same type of water backup can occur when melting begins or if temperatures fluctuate and any winter precipitation turns back into just rain. While the potential for damage is less than that of ice dams, since the water won’t be pooling on the actual roofs surface, depending on the amount of rainfall or water backing up, the overflow due to any blockage could be troublesome.
Ice Build-Up

Ice build-up can also occur in the gutters downspouts normally used to help move water away from the foundation of your home. Depending on the weather patterns and winter precipitation received, if ice builds up in the downspout – preventing water from flowing freely – then flooding is a likely result. Basement and first-floor water damage occurring from the inability of a gutter system to effectively move water away from a propertys foundation can be a real headache for property owners.
Falling Branches

The weight of snow and ice building up on tree branches can sometimes cause them to break. In the event any of these branches are above the roof of a home, then damage to a property is possible. Depending on the exact location, falling limbs could cause damage to a homes gutter system triggering even bigger issues. If the gutter becomes detached from a roofline, then melting and water movement away from a property will be extinguished. If this occurs, getting any damages quickly and effectively cleared and repositioned is extremely important provided the weather cooperates for a repair.

Low Hanging Branches

Low hanging branches also have the potential to cause an issue for gutter systems when winter weather occurs. Even tree limbs which may not initially appear as a threat can be damaging when their location changes due to the weight of snow or ice. Coupled with high winds, these branches could also tear gutter systems from their installed locations. Again, any repairs should be made immediately in order to help minimize any potential damage.


Gutter clearance can help keep the system functioning effectively during the winter months and throughout the entire year. Even if you haven’t had a chance yet to clear your gutters of debris, its not too late. Fortunately, Denver winters often fluctuate between weather conditions, leaving opportunities to clear gutters of any ice or debris and helping ensure your property remains protected throughout the season. In addition, annual roof inspections can also aid in property protection for your home or place of business.

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