How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter Weather

Winter time is fast approaching and with it comes an onslaught of Mother Nature’s fiercest weather conditions. Dealing with the cold conditions, wind, and snow can be brutal but these elements also have an impact on the things around us – including your home. As the protective barrier for your property, the roof is something which should be given special care and attention year round. This construction component is essential to not only keeping you protected from all of these environmental factors but it can also play a pivotal role in helping to control heating and cooling costs, providing proper attic ventilation, and many other critical aspects. By understanding the importance of proper inspections and how to address any issues, homeowners can rest easy knowing they are safe regardless of what Mother Nature may have in store.

In preparation for these conditions, there are some actions individuals can take in order to get ready. By knowing how upcoming winter weather may impact your roof and taking precautions to prevent damage, homeowners can ensure they are not only protecting their investment but all inhabitants of the house beneath. Located in an area that faces a variety of different weather patterns throughout the year, winter may exhibit the most threatening of them all. Not only can the cold temperatures cause an issue for your roof due to natural contraction but other concerns also exist. While the truth about winter in Denver may not reveal the snowfall totals you expect, there is still plenty around to cause an issue if unprepared.

Ice Dams

Ice dams represent one of the most dangerous components of winter and those more mild conditions only amplify the problem. Forming along the edges of a roof above the overhang, warmer air during the day can cause melting but cold air underneath continues to enforce a freeze. This creates a dam, usually just before the gutter system, which then causes water to pool and potentially breach into the home. This water sitting underneath can also create havoc by damaging shingles and the ice accumulation can rip down gutter troughs once they detach and fall, another potential hazard. A roof inspection can help to reveal air flow problems that could be corrected in order to help prevent the formation of these damaging problems.


Icicles form from a propertys overhangs as water moves toward the edge of a roof and then refreezes. However, this is often also the result of top layer melting over frozen snow or excessive fill in the gutter causing an overpour. Ice dam formations can also complicate this situation creating an environment for icicle formation. Proper ventilation, attic insulation, and gutter cleanings can all help to eliminate many of the factors which help fuel these causes of icicles forming.


Leaves falling from trees can clog gutters adding to the potential for ice dams and icicles to form along the eaves of a home. Not only do they obstruct water flow in the actual gutter trough but clogged downspouts can impact the movement of snow melt away from the homes foundation and potentially cause indoor flooding. Having all loose leaves removed in regular intervals is another step in keeping your home protected.


Low hanging branches may cause damage to your roof when winter winds blow. Rubbing against roofing materials, this constant contact may cause damage to your surface. In addition, the added weight of any snow could cause branches and limbs which may not initially appear bothersome to lower and cause a similar impact. The additional weight also potentially increases chances these pieces may break off and fall causing another worry for homeowners.


Condensation created from improper ventilation along and underneath a roofs outer layer creates a dangerous situation for any property. Not only can this build up cause mold and mildew but left unattended this silent nuisance can become a big issue.


Roof inspections should always include flashing around any and all roof openings plus any other locations. Provided the flashing is in good shape then any leakage should be avoided but cracks or signs of decay should be properly addressed immediately.


The obvious winter weather concern is snow but there are plenty of other hazards which can cause issues for a roof during the winter months. Rain, wind, and fluctuating temperatures can all also cause potential problems to arise. As a homeowner, keeping track of any upcoming inclement weather and taking action prior to its arrival will serve to help keep your home protected.

Snow Accumulation

The accumulation of snow presents multiple dangers to a roof. Not only are melting and potential leaks dangerous but the weight itself can also play a factor. Knowing that your roof integrity remains strong can be pivotal in helping to put homeowners minds at ease should the snow just keep piling up.


One way to combat these winter issues is to conduct professional inspections at least annually. Timing this visit so any issues may be cleaned up prior to the arrival of winter weather can also be especially rewarding. Not only can steps be made to help clean up any leftover mess from fall but the timing is also better for any repair work that needs to be completed. Because of the cooler temperatures, being on a roof is not nearly as uncomfortable as it can be during the heat of summer.

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