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How to File an Insurance Claim

Nobody wants to deal with roof damage, but contacting your insurance company as promptly as possible to file an insurance claim is the most important step towards saving you the most time, energy, and money after identifying damages. Storm damage is one of the most necessary problems in roofing repair Denver residents need to pay attention to due to such dramatic shifts in weather. It helps to have a set of photos documenting the status of the roof prior to damage, but many people neglect or forget to have these images on file.

As soon as the damage occurs or is noticed is the best time to take photos and videos as well as document the date and time of any damages. Many variables can influence the insurance claim coverage of a roof repair, for example, if the roof is antiquated, damages may just be attributed to wear-and-tear and normal depreciation. Contacting a reputable company that provides roof repair in Denver to detect and record the damage may allow you to be covered depending on your insurance.

Arvada Roofing & Construction enables an expedited and simplified version of this process by meeting on-site with the claim adjustor to provide a reasonable estimate for damages and repairs. The insurance adjustor will likely only account for any apparent and minimal damages, but our services will identify the true extent of any damages and incorporate all necessary costs for repairs to maintain the integrity of the roof.

Many roofing companies in Denver will provide estimates, but won’t take the same precautionary measures to verify you are covered for all of the damages for which you may be insured.

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