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When is the last time you thought about the roof above your home? One of the first lines of defense against Mother Nature and the wide range of weather elements that may impact your house, the roof – its makeup and construction components are often only highlighted when something goes wrong. On a typical day most every homeowner takes their roof for granted unless a problem arises, which should definitely not be the case. Let water begin to trickle into your living room or high winds remove a significant patch of shingles and suddenly the roof of your home is priority number one. The fact is, it should be given special consideration and inspected on a regular basis to ensure that no unnecessary issues arise and the ones that do are handled accordingly.

Given the importance of a solid roof structure and the many different components that need to be given consideration in order to ensure a properly protected structure, a roof shouldn’t be something that is only cared for when something goes wrong. Proper maintenance and inspections can reveal when issues may be arising and depending on the extreme weather to which a roofing area is exposed, the length of time a roof can properly complete its purpose will vary. To ensure that your roof lasts for a significant amount of time and keeps protecting your home and valuable assets well into the future then consider periodic inspections and regular upkeep.

Following are few frequently asked questions in terms of a roof and the materials revolving around both the implementation of an entirely new surface and other components.

How Long Will My Roof Last?

Depending on when the installation occurred, the lifespan of a roof can vary considerably but there are a few key factors that have an impact. Number one is the amount of weather and exposure to extreme elements that a roof has incurred. An inordinate amount of snowfall or ice accumulation, being subject to high winds for considerable periods of time, and even heavy rains can deteriorate the roofing materials and shorten an average lifespan.

In average conditions, a new roof can typically serve its purpose for approximately 20 years. Whether purchasing an existing home or buying new, knowing when the roof was installed and how much life remains in the materials ability to protect your home is critically important. In extreme weather areas, such as much of Colorado, knowing when a roof was installed and the amount of wear and tear it has taken over a given time period will be important to consider when thinking about the future or possible replacement for a structure.

Signs My Roof Needs Replacing

Regardless of the amount of time a roof has been installed, there are few tell-tell signs that the materials need to be replaced. Depending on the amount of damage a roof has incurred based on the weather patterns of a particular area or the time that a roof has been installed these are a few key factors to consider when looking for signs that a new roof is needed.

Some of the signs indicating you need a new roof include not only knowing when the roof was last replaced but being able to see warnings of potential problems before they occur. Water stains on insulation or other wet areas inside your attic indicate that the roof materials are failing and may be in need of replacement. Instead of starting on the outside, look inside your home, above the living area for any signs of a potential breach in the roofing material.

In addition, checking the outside areas for any signs of shingle damage or removal can be indicators that something needs to be done as soon as possible. Also, the flashing surrounding vent pipes and chimneys needs to be inspected to ensure that they are serving the correct purpose and haven’t become damaged due to the elements or exposure. A tight seal is obviously needed to ensure that your home is well protected from the outside and keeping these flashing areas covered and in top shape is vital to protecting your home.

Do I Have Options?

Options? Yes, you have more options than imaginable depending on the type of roof already in place and the materials which can accomodate your purpose. There are multiple options of different roofing materials for longevity that need to be given consideration for your home if ready to replace. Not only should the material chosen be considered for its ability to withstand the elements but also the aesthetic purposes.

Just because the home you have inherited or own now has shingles and a particular style of roof doesn’t indicate that this is the only available option. There are many different types of roof structures and the materials used to make up a roof are also variable and should be given special consideration in order to ensure that the final product is not only able to protect your home for years to come but also pleasing in terms of style and look associated with the home.

What Preparations are Needed?

Once you have determined that a new roof structure is needed then there are a few things which a homeowner can do to assist in the installation process. The first factor is to clear any moveable objects away from the overhangs or areas of the home where anything falling from the roof may cause damage. Once the roofing company is on site, they will be working quickly and clearing your home of any potential hazards will be beneficial to those working to install the new roof structure.

Another aspect to consider is the amount of hammering that will be happening above your living area. If you have any loose materials on the walls or in other areas then securing these pieces or removing them from the walls prior to a new roof installation could be important to keep them from falling.

Consistent nailing and walking around above loose fitting structures may cause these items to shift and potentially fall or cause damage inside the home. If you know a new roof structure is needed and that individuals will be above head working for a considerable amount of time then removing these hazards below can go a long way in protecting the valuable assets inside your home.

Backed by decades of experience, Arvada Roofing and Construction has been providing quality roof construction and repair throughout the Denver area for nearly 20 years. Equipped with an amazing staff to handle any roofing job, no matter the size, our company will work to ensure you are pleased with both the design choice and end result of any roofing related project. Providing roofing services of all types in addition to siding and seamless gutters, we are ready to help. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate!

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