Common Signs of Roof Damage to Watch Out For

Your roof provides one of the greatest protective barriers for your home or property from the outside elements available. However, it is the one aspect of a home that is often not given the consideration it deserves unless there becomes an issue with its integrity. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise, periodic professional inspections can help to eliminate the need for a large, expensive repair after something bad happens. While not all inspections are going to prevent certain things from occurring, planning ahead is best considering this outer layer is responsible for keeping you and your family, dry, warm and safe year around.

Common reasons for roof leaks include age, ventilation, and areas around openings covered by flashing. These spaces should be given extra consideration but there are also some interior signs that may point to potential problems. Understanding and recognizing these can often allow steps to be taken in order to limit any further damage but are also evidence of a breach already occurring and should be quickly remedied.

If you notice any of the following issues, both inside or outside the home, then consider ordering a professional opinion immediately. Depending on the time of the year and upcoming weather patterns, treatment may be necessary in an effort to avoid major damages or even a horrific collapse.

Water Puddles
Unexplained water puddles forming on surface areas could be an indication of a breach in the roof structure. While not all signs will be as obvious as a leak dripping straight down from the ceiling, any puddles without an immediate cause should be inspected.

Puddles may form along the base of a wall and the water could be draining from above, inside, without any exterior signs. In addition, windows or doors could be leaking as well but the main concern is finding a discernible source for the pooling that is taking place.

Drywall Cracks
Cracks in walls can be caused by a number of different issues regardless of the age of your home. In newer homes the issue may be a result of settling over time but depending on the shape, size, and characteristics around these cracks there could be a much larger issue. Instead of just reaching for the puddy and adding another coat of paint, consider if there is something more dangerous at hand.

If the crack is becoming discolored around the edges then it could be the result of a water leak. Depending on where the crack is located in a home, the cause could be a breach in the roof structure. Locating and determining the exact cause of any cracking is vital to keeping your home protected.

Water Damage
In ceiling tiles or dry wall coverings, any discoloration or spotiness should be inspected at once. If a roof begins to leak it may not be immediately noticeable from the exterior and only after water has begun to penetrate inside the home can it be spotted. At this point, an immediate repair is necessary and depending on the current weather, potential steps can be taken to limit the amount of damage.

While the water stain cause could be associated with leaking pipes or another breach in the home system. Getting to the root of the issue before administering any repairs is key. As a homeowner, you want to ensure that the potential for any recurrence is nullified before proceeding with a repair. While these seemingly obvious signs are often the result of water build up above for some time, immediate action can still limit any lingering long-term effects.

Mold issues are often the result of damp and humid environments created in a roof due to a lack of proper ventilation. If you notice any mold beginning to build up on the ceiling or in the attic, then professional help is needed immediately. Similar to the water stain, don’t work to correct any damage having already taken place until the exact cause has been determined. Once this has been addressed, then eliminating any mold build up that has already happened can take place.

The dangers of mold in a home not only can affect the health of its inhabitants but this can be a costly repair in order to ensure that any spreading has been properly eradicated. Like most issues, these cases can often be handled quickly if given proper attention once any initial signs are discovered.

Another indication of a potential roof leak is the discoloration of ceilings, walls, or tiles within a home. Typically caused by constant exposure to water, any dullness, browning, or reddish coloring beginning to appear on lighter surfaces should be properly examined.

While this could be the result of other factors, water can speed up the process and once a homeowner notices a change, then action should be taken. Acting, instead of waiting to see if the situation worsens can save money, time, and a lot of headache in the long run. Should you notice any of the above issues, seek professional help immediately to determine a cause and solution.

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