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Common Flat Roofing Problems

Flat roof are a unique and rare quality home have. The reason for this may be that flat roofs require more maintenance than sloped roofs because roof debris have a tendency to collect on them easily. When keeping up with flat roof maintenance, the most important thing you can do is make sure that drains and scuppers are clear. This ensures that there wont be any backups that trap standing water on the roof. With fall in full swing, its important to sweep off the leaves and dirt before they turn to mulch. Did you know that plants can actually start growing on poorly maintained roofs?

Common flat roof problems:

  • It can be more difficult to find the source of a leak on a flat roof as opposed to a sloped roof
  • The top layer is glued to the insulation and can separate and dry up
  • Leaves and debris can collect on the roof and clog downspouts and drains
  • Caulking deterioration around flashing can lead to leaking
  • When someone walks on a flat roof, it can create holes in the insulation. This makes a prime spot for standing water and can lead to problems down the road.

Visual inspections are important to make sure that you aren’t going to run into problems in the future. However, when there are large cracks or splits, you will need a professional roofer. You should schedule regular inspections with your Arvada roofing company to make sure that there aren’t any leaks and to discover possible potential problems.

Contact Arvada Roofing Company today to get professional advice on your flat roof to make sure it lasts. Learn more about different roofing styles and what problems to look for give us call today!

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