Arvada Roofing Company Offers Vinyl Siding with Benefits

If you’re in the market for a new home, whether building your own or purchasing one off the real estate market, there are many factors to consider. Obviously, individuals are going to look at location, price, and other key features surrounding a home but another important aspect that should be given quality consideration is the building materials used for construction. The literal building blocks of your home have an impact on a variety of conditions and will contribute to other important factors which could easily sway your decision one way or another.

There are multiple options when considering an outside surface material for your future residence, including brick, stone, stucco, wood or wood paneling, and another – vinyl siding. One of the most versatile options available, vinyl siding has many benefits to its use and can serve not only to protect your investment over time but to also cover a variety of other important features.

Each of the following components details the positives of selecting vinyl siding as your choice for a building material and displays how it can help improve the overall quality of your home – whether building from the ground up or selecting a home already in existence.

Cost Effective

One of the main reasons for electing to go with vinyl siding is the overall price point. By comparison to many of the other materials available, siding has a lower overall price, making it more cost-effective than the competition.

Two of the most common options for a home today are brick or vinyl siding but given a side-by-side comparison of brick vs. siding cost – vinyl siding wins. With a cost difference of three to four times as much for any brick compared to all vinyl siding, the choice is clear and simple.

Easy Maintenance

Another element to consider when deciding on one of the major building blocks of your residence is the cost and work associated with keeping up the materials after installation. This ease of maintenance is important for buyers and builders of all ages but especially those who have or will soon be approaching their retirement ages.

After purchasing a home the last thing any individual wants is to spend even more money on the upkeep of their investment, especially right away. Not only will both time and hard earned money be spent to keep up homes constructed of wood siding/paneling – which can be disheartening and almost completely avoided by choosing to use vinyl siding instead.

Siding is easily cleaned using a simple mixture of light soap and some water. Should the exterior of your home ever become subject to some type of discoloration or simply gather a bit of dust and debris over time, the home can quickly and easily be returned to its original state – often with a simple bucket of soap, garden hose and no extreme time considerations for the repair.


Should any part of the exterior material ever become damaged, then vinyl siding provides one of the most convenient options for ease of replaceability. Unlike each of the other building materials available, a missing or damaged piece of vinyl siding can be selected to match almost immediately and not show that any damage or repair has taken place.

Brick, which will have difficulty matching both the original color complete with the wear associated with weathering over time and stucco each provides a difficult option should both need to be replaced or repaired at some point in time – which will occur.

Damaged stucco can be an easy repair – even if you’re comfortable formulating your own mixture of stucco for repair but even after patching a hole, then painting is often required. This not only adds to the cost but also implies even more work and time will be spent replacing and repairing the outside material – something that simply does not occur when choosing the vinyl siding option.

Color Options

One of the main reasons that vinyl siding can be replaced so easily is due to the shear availability of colors from the material. Siding can not only provide an initial option for home builders or buyers to choose from in a variety of colors but in the event it ever needs to be patched or replaced, this can be done easily. The availability and range of colors makes getting precisely what any owner wants a task that can be accomplished without much headache from the initial stage or in the event that a piece needs to be replaced.

Even siding which may have sustained some discoloration from weather can be matched up accordingly and, as mentioned, if the area needs to be cleaned then a simple hose wash to restore all of the original color is a much more cost effective option than having to paint an entire surface.

Heating and Cooling

Finally, the benefits of vinyl siding will not only be seen in your pocketbook up front but every month when the household’s power bill is due. An owner can really seal in the savings with energy efficient siding whether they are building a new construction or purchasing an existing home.

By controlling any potential temperature loss from your home, the savings will add up considerably – especially in the cold winter months. Not only does vinyl siding provide a solid option for cooling but it can also keep heat inside your residence by not allowing it to escape through other areas like many of the other materials.

With over a decade of service and experience, Arvada Roofing and Construction has been providing quality roof construction, repair, and a variety of other services throughout the Denver area for nearly 20 years. If you find yourself in a situation where you are weighing the options between a new construction or purchasing a home and are in need of a professional review and analysis, we are here to assist. Our certified and highly trained staff is here to handle any roofing job in addition to providing a variety of other services such as siding, gutters, or any potential damage analysis. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate on any of the above mentioned projects!

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