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4 Things to Consider When Selecting Your New Arvada Roof

When choosing a new roof for your home, there are a lot of different decisions that come into play. Whether you’re thinking about a new metal or shingle roof, it’s a major investment that requires a solid amount of research and thought. Here are two points to take into consideration before moving forward:

Color & Curb Appeal
When selecting color, it’s smart to keep aesthetics and functionality in mind. Lighter colors in asphalt or metal roofing can keep an attic cooler. Reds, greens, and browns have a large amount of light granules mixed in with the color that offer heat reflection. However, if you are truly decided on darker colors, there are some options in shingles that have reflective properties designed by manufacturers. Also, try to make sure that your roofing gives your home better curb appeal and meshes well with the rest of your neighborhood.

Durability & Warranty
One important question to ask yourself is: how long do you want your roof to last? This seems like a simple question until you notice the price difference between metal roofing compared to shingles. Metal roofing can last up to twice as long, but does come with a price. If you don’t mind the cost and headache of ongoing repair and maintenance, you can choose a roof based upon appearance alone. One last thing you should make sure of when replacing your Arvada roof is the warranty. Make sure the materials you choose have a warranty before it’s installed.

Arvada Roofing and Construction can help you make sure that you choose the right roof for your home that will last and provide value for the cost. Call us today for professional advice and an estimate!

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