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3 Reasons Fall is the Time to Replace Denver Siding

It is a natural reaction to want to get all outdoor home renovation projects done in the spring or summer. However, due to cost and efficiency, replacing the siding in Arvada homes can be the perfect fall project and give leverage to additional insulation projects leading into the winter months. Here are some reasons why:

1. Environment
With the effects of summer heat simmered down and being proactive to protect your home from the effects of winter, fall is the most ideal time to replace siding. Vinyl siding will expand in the heat of summer months. This coupled with the juristic changes winter climates bring will cause the siding to expand in the heat and contract in cold weather. It can cause cracking or may buckle if it is nailed too tight. 

50 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature to replace siding. Fall weather is also less prone to unexpected showers or winter sleet.

2. Price
Fall months are the best months for a crew to work efficiently to replace siding. While the best contractors remain busy throughout the year, there will often be less demand in the fall and materials and estimates become slightly cheaper due to less demand. Many stores tend to lower prices on various siding materials in order to make room for seasonal materials conducive to the fall and winter.

Homeowners will also find price breaks in their heating and utility bills in the winter months with newly replaced siding.  A properly sealed barrier will make sure heat does not escape during harsh winter weather. Replacing the siding does not provide insulation in itself (unless it is insulated vinyl or wood), it can help homeowners determine whether or not they need additional insulation and will give them enough time to begin those projects before winter.

3. Efficiency
Many siding crews find that they can be the most efficient during the fall. Unlike the summer or winter when the temperatures are extreme, they can be outside more consistently and allow more time to focus on the project at hand. Families will also find the fall to be a far less chaotic time with kids back in school and have often gotten back into the swing of things after summer vacations and distractions.
Many of these points vary from climate to climate, but in general, consider using the fall to replace the siding of your home to have a safe and sound winter.

Let Arvada Roofing and Construction take care of your Arvada siding installation and utilize the final autumn months the best that you can. Give us a call at 303-432-2753 or visit our site to request a free estimate.

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