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Arvada Roofing Company Offers Vinyl Siding with Benefits

August 8, 2018

If you’re in the market for a new home, whether building your own or purchasing one off the real estate market, there are many factors to consider. Obviously, individuals are going to look at location, price, and other key features surrounding a home but another important aspect that should be given quality consideration is the building materials used for construction. The literal building blocks of your home have an impact on a variety of conditions and will contribute to other important factors which could easily sway your decision one way or another.

There are multiple options when considering an outside surface material for your future residence, including brick, stone, stucco, wood or wood paneling, and another - vinyl siding. One of the most versatile options available, vinyl siding has many benefits to its use and can serve not only to protect your investment over time but to also cover a variety of other important features.

Each of the following components details the positives of selecting vinyl siding as your choice for a building material and displays how it can help improve the overall quality of your home - whether building from the ground up or selecting a home already in existence.

Cost Effective

One of the main reasons for electing to go with vinyl siding is the overall price point. By comparison to many of the other materials available, siding has a lower overall price, making it more cost-effective than the competition.

Two of the most common options for a home today are brick or vinyl siding but given a side-by-side comparison of brick vs. siding cost - vinyl siding wins. With a cost difference of three to four times as much for any brick compared to all vinyl siding, the choice is clear and simple.

Easy Maintenance

Another element to consider when deciding on one of the major building blocks of your residence is the cost and work associated with keeping up the materials after installation. This ease of maintenance is important for buyers and builders of all ages but especially those who have or will soon be approaching their retirement ages.

After purchasing a home the last thing any individual wants is to spend even more money on the upkeep of their investment, especially right away. Not only will both time and hard earned money be spent to keep up homes constructed of wood siding/paneling - which can be disheartening and almost completely avoided by choosing to use vinyl siding instead.

Siding is easily cleaned using a simple mixture of light soap and some water. Should the exterior of your home ever become subject to some type of discoloration or simply gather a bit of dust and debris over time, the home can quickly and easily be returned to its original state - often with a simple bucket of soap, garden hose and no extreme time considerations for the repair.


Should any part of the exterior material ever become damaged, then vinyl siding provides one of the most convenient options for ease of replaceability. Unlike each of the other building materials available, a missing or damaged piece of vinyl siding can be selected to match almost immediately and not show that any damage or repair has taken place.

Brick, which will have difficulty matching both the original color complete with the wear associated with weathering over time and stucco each provides a difficult option should both need to be replaced or repaired at some point in time - which will occur.

Damaged stucco can be an easy repair - even if you’re comfortable formulating your own mixture of stucco for repair but even after patching a hole, then painting is often required. This not only adds to the cost but also implies even more work and time will be spent replacing and repairing the outside material - something that simply does not occur when choosing the vinyl siding option.

Color Options

One of the main reasons that vinyl siding can be replaced so easily is due to the shear availability of colors from the material. Siding can not only provide an initial option for home builders or buyers to choose from in a variety of colors but in the event it ever needs to be patched or replaced, this can be done easily. The availability and range of colors makes getting precisely what any owner wants a task that can be accomplished without much headache from the initial stage or in the event that a piece needs to be replaced.

Even siding which may have sustained some discoloration from weather can be matched up accordingly and, as mentioned, if the area needs to be cleaned then a simple hose wash to restore all of the original color is a much more cost effective option than having to paint an entire surface.

Heating and Cooling

Finally, the benefits of vinyl siding will not only be seen in your pocketbook up front but every month when the household’s power bill is due. An owner can really seal in the savings with energy efficient siding whether they are building a new construction or purchasing an existing home.

By controlling any potential temperature loss from your home, the savings will add up considerably - especially in the cold winter months. Not only does vinyl siding provide a solid option for cooling but it can also keep heat inside your residence by not allowing it to escape through other areas like many of the other materials.

With over a decade of service and experience, Arvada Roofing and Construction has been providing quality roof construction, repair, and a variety of other services throughout the Denver area for nearly 20 years. If you find yourself in a situation where you are weighing the options between a new construction or purchasing a home and are in need of a professional review and analysis, we are here to assist. Our certified and highly trained staff is here to handle any roofing job in addition to providing a variety of other services such as siding, gutters, or any potential damage analysis. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate on any of the above mentioned projects!

Flashing: A Key Component for Arvada Roofing

July 25, 2018

Roof construction is a vital component of any building project, serving to protect the interior of a home or business while shielding away the harmful elements of Mother Nature. Heavy rain, high winds, snow, sleet, hail and even extreme heat or cold can all cause wear and tear on any roofing element despite the material selected for use. Shingle type or another manufactured component utilized for roofing purposes all have varying degrees of sustainability and durability but one component remains essential for the necessary everyday protection of your property. Regardless of which roofing style you decide to incorporate or inherit, flashing installed around various areas needs to be given special attention to protect your investment.

While a roof’s age, color, slope material and style are all areas of focus when designing or deciding on the purchase of a particular property - the flashing also warrants special consideration. Designed and used to prevent water penetration into a structure, thin pieces of material are installed around corresponding edges and transitions in an effort to protect and weather guard all roof structures. These flashing installations can be composed of a variety of metals - lead, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and many more.

Not every roof will require each of the specific types of flashing but all do need some form at one point. Following is a list and description of the various flashing installations which are incorporated into various roof designs and implemented to extend the longevity of a building or residence. These different components may be mixed and matched depending on the design requirements but at least one will be found on nearly every man-made modern structure found today.

Skylight Flashings

The addition of a skylight into a roof can often serve many useful and beneficial purposes. Not only will the new “window” provide daylight into a room but it can also serve to be an energy efficient addition if correctly utilized and located precisely where needed on the roof. Proper venting, if needed and chosen in the design process, and installation of a skylight can allow for a home to cut down on the use of electricity for heating and lighting purposes as both should be generated from a skylight. While cooling can be an issue, many modern improvements have been made in an effort to make the skylights more eco-friendly and beneficial to those that use them.

The design of windows, doors, and skylights all come in various shapes and sizes but each must utilize its flashing in order to prevent unwanted leaks. One of the most common complaints surrounding the use of skylights involves water penetration into the home or office due to a hole being cut into the roof structure for installation.

Leaky skylights are often the result of improperly installed flashing or material that has aged, corroded or been damaged. However, skylights can serve to benefit owners with properly installed flashing and other measures made to prevent the occurence of water falling through the cracks and into a building instead of remaining outside.

Chimney Flashings/Counter Flashings

Another common component found on a lot of buildings is a chimney coming up out of the roof. Like skylights, this chimney is essentially another hole cut through the structure’s roof surface but used in order to let smoke exit the premises from a fireplace below, instead of light into a building. The opening then requires flashing at the created joints to keep moisture out and from penetrating down the chimney sides into the unit.

Chimney flashing is installed at the base of the chimney where it comes into contact with the roof structure and is often angled to connect both with the roofing and chimney materials. This elevated material then allows for water to remain on the roof surface and not penetrate into the home through an uncovered joint.

Counter flashing is visible from the outside and uncovered but is often the only option when wanting to keep water out around a chimney - a necessity. The angled pieces often slope with the chimney and are joined to both the roof and chimney material helping to create a special barrier for weather protection.

Headwall Flashings

The headwall flashing is installed where a sloped roof meets any wall. Unlike the previous two types of flashing, headwall flashing typically spans a greater length although it serves the same purpose. Another joint compound provides an opportunity for water damage and leakage into a structure, but utilization of flashing helps to protect from this occurring.

Headwall flashings will be utilized and often visible where the wall meets but are one of the most essential elements for increased protection and found on nearly every structure.

Sidewall Flashings

Unlike headwall flashings, sidewall flashings are used where the roof meets another elevated surface. These would be necessary in instances of dormers or a portico where the entrance area is roofed with a its own separate part.

While the name may have changed, both the purpose and often installation procedures for each - side and head - remain the same. Typically, these pieces are connected to the structure and lay over the roof instead of being nailed or attached to the roof directly. This prevents any puncture to the roof surface while allowing the molded metal to form a barrier with installation to the sidewall of a structure.

Backed by decades of experience, Arvada Roofing and Construction has been providing quality roof construction and repair throughout the Denver area for nearly 20 years. If you find yourself in need of a professional review and analysis of the current state for your roof, including an analysis of the different types of flashing utilized and age or wear, we are here to help. Equipped with an amazing staff to handle any roofing job, no matter the size, our company will work to ensure you are pleased with both the design choice and end result of any roofing related project. Providing roofing services of all types in addition to siding and seamless gutters, we are ready to assist. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate!

Arvada Roofing Company Seamless Gutter Advantages

July 11, 2018

One of the most overlooked aspects of a home or business property is often the gutter system. Typically, these essential but ignored construction components rarely draw a fuss until new ownership takes over and realizes the shortcomings of a previously installed system. These potential hazards may wind up costing you money in repair due to damages from a guttering system that has not been functioning properly for some time.
Excess water runoff can cause erosion, damage to the foundation or even mold in the affected areas, while slow leaks can hurt the siding or outside layer of your property. For these reasons, giving the guttering system a proper inspection both in the sun and rain can help to alleviate any potential issues and draw attention to them prior to a water problem occuring.
A fully functioning gutter system serves as a critically important component of any overall residential or industrial structure and when professionally installed and designed can save owners potentially an extensive amount of money over the life of a property. Seamless gutters are the latest in this design area and offer clients multiple colors, patterns and textures from which to choose in order to best fit their anticipated design goals and looks for the installation site, all while offering an inspected installation to ensure full functionality.
Unlike older model systems which were pieced together from pre-engineered and cut sections of material in order to cover the varying lengths of roof space, new seamless designs are manufactured on site and cut to the specific needs. These variations and lengths often differ on every side of the same property and definitely change from one work site to the next.
These seamless systems offer a variety of benefits over the older models while providing a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to their predecessor. Each of the following characteristics associated with seamless guttering systems boost their functionality and make choosing these systems the right choice for all property owners!

Leakage Caused From Seams

One of the worst problems associated with older model guttering systems were the potential for leaks at every adhesive joint. As the pieces of material were placed together, each seam created an opportunity for water to flow out of the gutter and down onto the property instead of being properly channeled and dispersed.
These new seamless guttering systems do not allow leaks or drips over the course of any runway due to the nature of their design. By eliminating the need for materials to be attached multiple times over a desired span, the one-piece design keeps all water flowing precisely where it needs to go.
A gutter serving the intended purpose will both hold the water and help to transport it along roof ridges to a connecting downspout and then out away from the foundation of a property. This benefits the owner by not allowing any damages to the siding or basement areas, while allowing them to rest easy during heavy rainfall or snow/ice melting events.

Clogs and Spills Caused From Seams

While any gutter system can be the culprit of a clog, even those protected with a covering of wire mesh or guard, the exact cause for a clogged gutter and reason for the stoppage of waterflow will not be due to a seam. During construction, these attachment seams of the older model systems only provide additional areas for debris to be caught up while flowing through the water channels.
A seamless approach eliminates the potential for this occurring and instead provides a smooth passage for all water to the intended location without fail.
Should a stoppage or clog occur, the same damage caused from leaking components becomes an issue as water flows up and over the sides of a unit, instead of through the canal. Debris such as leaves and twigs are always going to be an enemy of a gutter system, but knowing these potentially hazardous pieces have less to become trapped on provides another level of security when dealing with any gutter product.

Appearance Without Seams

The looks of a seamless gutter system are also one of the best benefits despite not having anything to do with the unit’s functionality. Breaks throughout older model units would cause unsightly lines along all areas of installation around a home. These lines may have also been highlighted by brackets used to secure each individual piece of gutter material instead of the new attachment technology utilized specifically with a seamless guttering system.
The seamless process allows for there to be no need for a support bracket along every individual piece of material because the lengths are pre-cut and engineered to meet precisely the needs of every structure for which they are applied.
Also, seamless gutter design systems come in a variety of colors to choose from so any anticipated design concept relegated by the owner can be appropriately handled resulting in the specific look which was needing to be achieved.
While older model systems may advertise a price advantage and seemingly cheaper alternative, over even a short period of time the benefits gained from utilizing a seamless design principle will pay for itself. Repairs associated with water damage can be extremely costly and as an owner, taking preventative measures in lieu of retaliatory action is always the best bet. Knowing that an option exists which can limit the amount of debris build-up, potential leaks, or water runoff damage is a plus for the often disregarded guttering system of any real estate property.
Backed by decades of experience, Arvada Roofing and Construction has been providing quality roof construction and repair throughout the Denver area for nearly 20 years. Equipped with an amazing staff to handle any roofing job, no matter the size, our company will work to ensure you are pleased with both the design choice and end result of any roofing related project. Providing roofing services of all types in addition to siding and seamless gutters, we are ready to help. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate!

Arvada Roof Repair Can Assist with Hail Damage

June 27, 2018

As the calendar turns, time passes, and spring of the year transitions into a summer season the chances for afternoon pop-up thunderstorms and potentially severe weather increases significantly. Mother Nature is unpredictable and damage caused by her various weather elements can unfortunately come in many different forms. Wind, rain, snow, lightning and hail all have the potential for causing damage to one’s home or office and while all can be dangerous - one is more likely to significantly impact a wider range of properties when it occurs.

Hail, which is frozen droplets or formations of rain, typically occurs during severe thunderstorms if the correct conditions permit. These frozen formations can be like rocks of various sizes falling from the sky and depending on their exact diameter may cause damage, sometimes significant, to both homes and especially automobiles left subject to exposure from the elements.

According to, hail can range in measurable size from that of a penny (approximately ¾ of an inch) to softball (3.8 inches) or even CD/DVD sized (4 ¾ inch) hail. Obviously, the impact of these different ranges in formation will vary but almost any significant amount, regardless of size or shape, has the potential to cause significant damage, especially to a structure’s roof.

Following a hail storm, damage to a roof may not immediately be noticeable for an owner without gathering the assistance of an expert opinion. Many factors contribute to the potential damage caused and ensuring your roof remains in top shape will be important for the future of your structure. At times, damage from hail will not cause an immediate problem but left untreated has the potential for causing numerous issues moving forward into the future.

Further, most insurance companies have a policy in place to assist in the repair of a hail damaged roof but they will almost certainly require the assistance of an expert in the field, in addition to a complete and thorough examination and report to qualify for roof replacement or the coverage of repair costs. These inspections must also occur within a given time frame from the date of occurrence which, in turn, can require immediate action following any potential damage caused by a hail storm.

Identifying hail damage to your roof is important and must be done to ensure the viability of the structure into the future. While normal wear and tear from exposure to the elements will occur on any building, specific hail damage can at times reflect these deficiencies and the two must be separated in order to determine if your roof is in need of repair or replacement.

Think there is a chance that your roof has been subject to recent hail damage? There are a number of Arvada Roofing hail damage facts to consider. These will aid in making sure that your roof is receiving the appropriate amount of observation to determine the next steps in fixing your property.

As stated, the damage will likely not be evident from the ground so an inspector will need to access your roof and look closely at the shingles for any potential damage. Different types of shingles (typically wooden or asphalt composition) will reflect the damage differently due to their make-up, construction, and installation method. Wooden shingles may split or break due to the impact of hail stones while a composition roof could lose much of the protective layer of granules which can then expose the underlying layer in construction or create soft spots that could disintegrate over time causing further issues.

Surprisingly, hail damage usually does not cause an immediate leak despite its occurrence during a rain storm and will instead create issues which may become a factor years later. Unless the storm is especially severe or the hail extremely large, most roofs will not succumb to hail damage through penetration which would cause an immediate leak and significant problem but instead the combination of damage to a shingle and then exposure to continued weather elements will cause the roof structure to fail over time. For this reason, ensuring a proper inspection of your roof following any size hail storm can be beneficial in the long-run of protecting your investment, home and family.

The underlying components of a roof are often similar in color to the observable side seen from the ground making identifying any areas of damage even more difficult. The loss of the granules on a shingle can be caused by a variety of measures and some deterioration will occur over the normal life expectancy of a roof. These different causes of asphalt shingle granule loss should be taken into consideration if you suspect the roof of your home to have been damaged by hail to ensure a correct cause of the damage in question.

Often, if the damage pattern appears random then the cause will ultimately be hail damage if the potential for such a diagnosis exists. Associated with Mother Nature herself, the unpredictability of weather and how a hail storm will affect a roof structure are difficult to predict and discern. However, if your neighborhood has recently experienced a severe weather event with hail of any size, it is always a good practice to have your roof inspected to ensure it remains a quality structure keeping everything safe, dry and protected underneath.  

Backed by decades of experience, Arvada Roofing and Construction has been providing quality roof construction and repair throughout the Denver area for nearly 20 years. If you find yourself in need of a professional review and analysis of the current state for your roof, regardless of potential hail damage, we are here to help. Equipped with an amazing staff to handle any roofing job, no matter the size, our company will work to ensure you are pleased with both the design choice and end result of any roofing related project. Providing roofing services of all types in addition to siding and seamless gutters, we are ready to assist. Contact us today online or call 303-432-2753 for your free estimate!

8 Tips to Improve Energy-Efficiency From Experienced Arvada Roofers

June 12, 2018

Summer is finally here and before you know it, you’ll be cranking up the air conditioner to keep your house cool and comfortable. For many homeowners, summer is a time of increased energy bills and higher monthly expenses. Though those higher bills may seem unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to keep your costs down and save money month to month. Your trusted Arvada roofing company shares a few simple tips to help you make your home as energy-efficient as possible.

Set Your Thermostat Higher When You’re Away

Setting your thermostat allows your air conditioning system to maintain a set temperature all day long. While this may be convenient, it can be costly. Rather than leaving your AC to maintain the same temperatures you want to relax in even while you’re at work, raise the setting a couple degrees when you’re away. Though the savings won’t be extreme, every little bit helps and you’ll end up putting less strain on your HVAC system throughout the warmest part of the year. If you’re worried about your house being uncomfortably home when you get done with work, install a programmable thermostat. These systems will turn the AC on and cool your home to your desired temperature so you’ll be comfortable at the end of a long day.

Inspect Your Windows for Leaks

Though drafts and leaks around your windows are more noticeable during the winter than in the summer, they can still cause your energy bill to rise. Take the time to inspect the seals around each window in your home. If you notice any cracks, shifting, or crumbling caulking, have the damage repaired. This will keep the weather outside from influencing the temperatures inside as severely. The less hot outdoor air that makes it inside your house, the less your air conditioner needs to work to keep your home cool.

Block Out The Sun

Natural light is a wonderful way to illuminate your home, but during the warmest part of the year, direct sun can significantly increase the temperature of your room. Install blackout curtains in the areas that receive the most sun during the day. If the sun gets too bright or the room starts to get warm, draw the curtains, especially if you’re not using the space. You can always open them again once the sun shifts and is no longer shining directly into the windows. Best of all, this tactic will keep your upholstery and your furnishings looking nice as it minimizes the amount of UV rays the materials are exposed to.

Install LED Lights

LED light bulbs are one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting options you can buy. The average bulb lasts for over five years and requires far less energy to produce the same amount of light as a standard incandescent bulb. Additionally, LED bulbs produce virtually no heat output, helping you light your space without putting strain on your home’s air conditioning system. The less heat you introduce to the room, the easier it is to keep cool and comfortable.

Unplug Unused Electronics

Believe it or not, every electrical outlet produces some sort of current when a cord is plugged in. The electronic doesn’t have to be on to draw a small amount of power—it just happens. Over time and in a large home, this power draw can really add up, making your electric bill higher than it needs to be. Before you and your kids rush out the door to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, take a moment to unplug all unused electronics. This includes phone chargers that aren’t actively charging a phone, game consoles, and even standing fans.

Make Use of Fans

While they should always be unplugged when not in use, fans can dramatically improve the comfort of your home. By circulating the air in a room, you’ll be able to make the space feel several degrees cooler than it really is. This means you can set your thermostat a few degrees higher and you’ll still feel just as comfortable if you have a fan blowing on you. Over the course of the summer, this will save you significantly on your energy bills. Best of all, you can find cheap and durable fans at almost every home improvement store in the area.

Make Sure The Attic Is Properly Insulated

Even the most energy-efficient roofs absorb a lot of heat throughout the day. This heat then collects in the attic space, keeping your home nice and warm in the winter. However, during the summer, it can increase the overall temperature of the upper levels of your house by a few degrees. Before summer is in full swing, have the insulation levels in your attic inspected by a roofing contractor. If the insulation levels are too low, the amount of heat transferred from your roof to your house will be significant. Adding insulation or redoing damaged insulation will reduce the amount of heat buildup and keep your home more comfortable over the long-run.

Address Roof Damage Immediately

Spring storms and heavy winds have a way of damaging even the most well-maintained roofs. Rather than putting off roof repairs, take the time to get the issues fixed as soon as possible. Remember, roofing materials help deflect much of the sun’s rays, keeping your home cooler. If they’re compromised, they won’t be able to do their job as effectively, causing an increase in your cooling costs. Even if they’re only minor issues, the sooner you fix the problem, the more energy efficient your home will be.

Routine roof maintenance is key in keeping your home energy efficient all year long. If you’re worried about the condition of your roof or have noticed ever-increasing electric bills putting a strain on your budget, don’t wait. Schedule a roof inspection with Arvada Roofing & Construction today. Our experienced residential roofing contractors will thoroughly inspect and repair your roof so you can start enjoying the summer weather once again. Call (303) 432-2753 for a free estimate.